Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Slim Slimming Capsules and Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee: Perfect Duo

image Happy Slim Slimming Capsules (Naturally Organic)

STAY FIT, New Slimming Solution, All-Natural



Happy Slim Slimming Capsule is a special slimming product. Blend with USA Wan Ji Biotechnology, this slimming capsules adopt natural fruit plant and herbaceous cream that has a special decomposition fat all over the body, which can be taken conveniently and safely.

Effectively lost weight without having the effects of saggy skin specifically on the legs, you can also get firm buttock, bright and glowing skin – helping regain the charming curves of warped body areas, beautify and slender waist and leg, buttocks out.

Adopt high technology CCSO to resist rebound, anorexia, lax and wearing out.

ALL ORGANIC: Main Ingredients: Green tea, Apple Kiwi, Tomato, Strawberry, Fructose, Tackahoe, Bitter Melon and Natural Herbs.

Effective Components and Contents: 300mg Flavanine / 100g

Effects: Flat abdomen, beautiful body, slim, and firm belly.

Recommended: Specifically for fat person, obstinate type adiposity, abdomen fat and users who are not satisfied with the effects of other slimming products after weight losing.

Not Suitable for: Children, Pregnant woman, and Breast-feeding Woman

Usage and Dosage: Take it orally, one capsule, twice a day. (morning and evening)

Package: 6 pills x 4 plates

Approval: Healthy Character (2000) No. 0491

Standard: Q/QHYT23-2000

Best Before Date: 24 months after production (see box)

Storage: Sealed and kept in a shady and dry place.

Produced by: GuangZhou Wanji Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.

Under the Supervision of: America Wanji Pharmacy International Group (HK) Limited.


You can check the packaging and see if the product is authentic.

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Kayce said...

hi sis! have you tried taking this happy slim slimming capsules? effective ba sya?

Mai said...

yes sis! :) i take it everyday together with my slimming coffee. :) many have tried this and now feel better about themselves. :) add us up in FB. :) thanks!

bt2909 said...

Maam, Pwede ba to sa lalaki?

Mai said...

@ bt2909 - Yes po! :) dami ko resellers at buyers na ngayon friends na namin and they so love the slimming products. :) thanks!

Jannah Lucille said...

i'm just 19 yrs old .. ok lan po ba qng magtake aqo neto?? how much po? thanks po :))