Friday, October 12, 2018

QCinema2018: Hintayan Ng Langit - A Must-See Movie

Have you seen the trailers? Lots of good movies we all shouldn't miss and I think we all need more films like this. What do you think? Share your thoughts by hitting the comment section below.

#QCinema2018  celebrates 100 years of Philippine Cinema.

See you from October 21 - 30, 2018 at Gateway Mall (Cineplex 10); Robinsons Galleria (Robinsons Movieworld); and Ayala Malls Cinema in Trinoma and U.P. Town Center!  Over 40 films will be showcased, ranging from award-winning films to fresh stories.

QCinema Circle Competition and DocQC grantees will also have its screenings from October 24 - 30 at SM City North Edsa; SM Megamall; SM Manila; and SM Mall of Asia.

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Sunday, September 30, 2018

ABS-CBN Ball 2018: You Should NOT Miss This Viral FB Post

Jodi Sta. Maria strikes a beautiful pose, thanks to her radiant face, smile, and simple yet very elegant dress.

Share your thoughts, hit the comment below. Which among these photos made you "happier"? 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Japanese Rice Is Actually A Good Alternative To Most Commercial Rice

Have  you heard of Japanese Rice?

We used to buy sinandomeng, super angelica, isabela, jollibee, boy kanin, long grain, etc. rice varieties with prices ranging from 52-59 pesos per kilo. Until we saw and got curious about this so-called Japanese Rice a.k.a Sakura Rice

We were surprised to see that it only costs 48 pesos per kilo. We decided to buy two kilos just so we could give it a try. 

Its grains are like "kisses" the scented ones we used to play, put on cotton pads, and take good care of when we were kids. (At naniniwala tayo na nanganganak sila!) hahaha

And so we did. Lo and behold, it's actually good. And when our little one loved its taste and texture, we finally switched to Japanese Rice. We cook it in our rice cooker, add a tablespoon of vinegar, and throw in some pandan leaves.

Try it now and see for yourself. Rush to the nearest market now. Share your Japanese Rice experience with us. Let us know in the comments.  :)


In case you want to cook your Japanese rice in a pot in a more traditional way, try this:

*Photo credits go to the owners.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Marriage Tips Every Wife Needs To Master To Make The Relationship Work

Old People Couple Together Connected Rock

No one said married life is going to be easy nor there are secret passages or shortcuts to make each journey totally easy and convenient. In my effort to grow more in love and still hold on to our vows (despite this and that), I've come across this beautiful blog post which I intend to share with you all. 

Thank God, am still holding on and praise Him everyday for always blessing me and my spouse the strength, love, and most of all, faith that we need to cherish our "I do's".

1. Respect your husband.

Notice how it doesn't say "Respect your husband if he has earned it." A man's greatest need in this world is to be respected, and the person he desires that respect from the most is his wife. The trap that we've all been ensnared by is that they only deserve our respect when they earn it. Yes, we want our husbands to make decisions that will ultimately garner our respect, but the truth is that your husband is a human being. A human being who makes mistakes. This is the man that YOU have chosen to walk alongside you for the rest of your life, and to lead your family and he needs to be respected for that quality alone.

2. Guard your heart.

The grass is not greener on the other side. Do not believe the lie that with a slimmer figure, a higher salary, a faster car, or a bigger house, you will be a happier woman. The world is full of things and people that will serve as reminders that you don't have the best of the best, but it's simply not true. Live the life you've been blessed with, and BE THANKFUL. I get that we all have struggles, and there are even times when I would love 1,000 more square feet of house to live in, but square feet is not fulfilling – relationships are. Guard your heart from things and people that will try to convince you that your life or your husband is not good enough. There will always be bigger, faster, stronger, or shinier – but you'll never be satisfied with more until you're fulfilled with what you have now.

3. God, husband, kids … in that order.

I know this isn't a popular philosophy, especially among mothers, but hear me out. It's no secret that my faith is of utmost importance, so God comes first in my life no matter what. But regardless of your belief system, your husband should come before your kids. Now unless you're married to someone who is abusive (in which case, I urge you to seek help beyond what my article can give you), no man in his right mind would ask you to put your kids aside to serve his every need while neglecting them. That's not what this means.

4. Forgive.

Togetherness, Harmony, Love, Romance

No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. If you make forgiveness a habit – for everything from major mistakes to little annoyances (every day, I have to forgive my husband for leaving the wet towel on the bathroom counter) – you will keep resentment from growing.

5. Over-communicate.

I used to have a bad habit of not speaking my feelings. I played the standard "You should know why I'm mad" game, and that's just downright unfair. Men are not wired like women, and they DON'T always know that they've been insensitive. I'm still growing in this area, and there are often times when my husband has to pry something out of me, but I'm trying to remember that I need to just communicate how I feel.

6. Schedule a regular date night.

This one isn't new, but it's very important. Never stop dating your spouse. Even if you can't afford dinner and a movie (which we seldom can), spending some regular one-on-one time with your spouse is essential. Don't talk about bills, or schedules, or the kids. Frankie and I often daydream about our future, or plan our dream vacation. We connect emotionally and often learn something new about each other – even after four years.

7. Never say the "I'd quit, it's over!"

Argument Conflict Controversy Dispute Cont

If you're gonna say it, you better mean it. Plain and simple, threatening separation or annulment is not fighting fair. I did this a lot in my previous marriages. I'm not proud of it, but I learned better. I was hurting deeply, and I wanted to hurt back, but it never helped me feel better.

8. Learn his love language.

Everyone has a love language. The way you perceive love is often different from the way your spouse perceives love. Does he like words of affirmation, or does he respond better when you give him gifts? Whatever his love language is – learn it and USE IT.

9. Never talk negatively about him.

I learned this lesson the hard way too. If you're going through a difficult time in your marriage and you need advice, see a counselor. Family counseling is a great tool, but try to remember that your family members and friends are not the most objective people to give advice. The argument they are hearing is one-sided and they often build up negative feelings toward your spouse, which usually doesn't subside once you and your husband have gotten past it. Protect his image with those that you're close with and seek help from those that can actually be objective. News flash, ladies – your mother cannot be objective!

10. Choose to love.

There are times in a marriage that you may wake up and not feel in love anymore. Choose to love anyway. There are times when you may not be attracted to your husband anymore. Choose to love anyway. Marriage is a commitment. In sickness and health, in good times and in bad. Those vows are sacred. They don't say "if you have bad times." They say "in good times AND in bad," implying that there WILL be bad times. It's inevitable. So choose to love anyway. He's worth it.

This article was originally published on Karen Lodato's blog, Eighth Rising. Cheers, Ms Karen!

Karen Lodato has experienced a second chance at 'happily ever after' after recovering from divorce. She writes about her faith, experiences in a new blended family, and navigating remarriage on her blog.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

People Management Tips You Should Try To Be An Awesome Leader

Skills, Can, Startup, Start Up

Being a good leader and an effective manager requires the right knowledge, skills, competence, and passion. 

After all, people management is an art and there are amazing ways to do it right. Here are some of them:

Accept that management is an inherently complex and difficult job - Don't fight it.  Don't waste time and valuable mental energy wishing it weren't so.  

Recognize that frustrations and difficult situations go with the territory of management.  That's why you're being compensated more than if you weren't in management.  Approach delicate employee "issues" positively, like an intriguing puzzle to solve.

Know the value of teamwork.
No battle has been won alone and no success achieved is a single man’s handiwork. At the end of the day even a man has to share the credit of his success with the woman who has been a driving force in his life. Thus team work is extremely important, for you cannot have individual aloof islands working to earn their livelihood.

You need to know your team as a whole as well as individuals. You need to be aware of each and everyone’s capabilities and talent in order to balance the productivity of your team. 

Putting the jigsaw puzzle right always looks pretty, so consider each member of your team as a part of the whole and that would lead to better output results and loyalty from your employees. People with complimentary set skills need to be teamed together to ensure faster output and coherence.

Try to see things through the eyes of others - Easier said than done, I know.  But there may be reasons why a certain person is hard to manage.  

If you can look at a problematic situation holistically and gain insights into why someone is acting the way he or she is, that can lead you to a constructive solution.

Get help when you need to - This is an easy step, but often neglected.   If you work in an organization of any size, help is everywhere.  Get perspective on a difficult employee from someone whose judgment you trust.   

This could be anyone: a Human Resources contact, a mentor, your own manager, a colleague.  During my years in management I went to all of these people at different times to seek opinions when employee issues arose.   It isn't a sign of weakness.  It's sensible judgment.  

Striving for greatness as a manager should top every manager's goal list. The difference that a great manager can make in the work lives of employees is inestimable. 

Helping employees feel rewarded, recognized, and thanked is also key to performing effectively as a manager. So yeah, bring it on and keep inspiring! You're doing a great job!