Thursday, November 27, 2008

Getting rich at our fingertips…

I would always love to visit book sales at the malls, marketplaces and bazaars that offer and sell books at their lowest yet most reasonable price tags.

Books are my friends, my source of fresh ideas and my means of achieving professional growth on my own, silently.

I was on my quest for a new good book to add my collection of educational and informational treasures when I had seen this very handy book on how someone can get rich the soonest time possible without sacrificing the quality of life that he deserves.

I suddenly got interested in reading so I decided to buy a copy. Although at first I was not that really hooked to it, I found the book quite helpful to those individuals like my hubby and me who would always look forward for a brighter and more stable future.

I have discerned on these points and decided to make it happen, in its perfect time. Though we are not in a hurry or in a rush, we would want to achieve success and financial stability in our early years. This is not just for us to enjoy life and savor each moment but also continuously pass on to others the blessings we receive.

With this, I would like to start this good deed by sharing little things that I have found really useful and of great help. The following are some of those keys that the book cited:

• Learn the value of time.
• Set lifelong goals.
• Stay out of debt.
• Learn to accept failure positively.
• Develop winning attitudes and habits.
• Keep everything in focus.
• Work with the right people.
• Develop total self-discipline.
• Strengthen faith.
• Make happiness, not wealth, your ultimate goal.

Hope these points would help you, too. You may already have acquired, attained and established some of the abovementioned points, right? All you have to do is to develop, modify and practice these things and stuffs.

Let us all enjoy life and indulge into its beauty and riches!

Cheers to our being joyful and successful!


Friday, November 7, 2008

When my child has his first vaccine…

It was on an early morning of November 4 of this year when OUR Little Baby Eieo had his first BCG and Anti-Hepatitis vaccines. He was rescheduled on this day because he had a very mild flu during his previous immunization schedule. His pediatrician told us that it is not advisable to give vaccines to Eieo when he was in not-so good condition.

I, along with my sister and aunt, (my hubby, Rainier was at the office and so dismayed that he missed it out) brought him to the nearest yet the most reliable health-providers of our town. When I was observing the other babies being immunize, I heard them crying so loud. My little prince was sleeping during that time.

My baby was the youngest yet the chubbiest among the twelve adorable babies present inside the clinic. People – other mothers, health practitioners, keep on looking at my precious one, appreciating his physical features – and that really make me as well as my sis and aunt so proud.

When we were still waiting for our turn, my baby woke up. Despite the loud cry of the other infants, he still managed to keep on smiling and giggling. That is why he started to get the attention of many people. He suddenly became the center of attraction.

Ooppss… wait. When it was his turn to be vaccinated, my sister held my child and started to position for his first vaccine. After taking a quick photo shoot to be included in his scrapbook, I hurriedly went out of the clinic.

As I heard him cry (but not as loud as the other babies :>), my heart started to beat so fast, my knees started to shake and I even became to look so pale. The other mothers and the rest of the people inside perfectly understood since they felt the same way and considering Eieo is our first-born.

Although it just took him a minute or two (I supposed), I could not explain how I felt during that time. I was even more nervous and scared than the time that I would be brought to the delivery room of the hospital.

Seriously, my mom is definitely right. The fun and joy of having a baby also includes being nervous, tensed and so worried whenever the baby is exposed to natural and normal stuffs like immunization, being sick and the likes. My grandmom even told us that this is just the start of being a parent. More to come, they say.