Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Traveling Texts: Poetic Passages

Count me in! I am coming. I will work my way to have this endeavor as an official business. 

With my fingers crossed, I believe I could make it. Indeed!

See you there. Take care. Cheers!

Mommy Mai

Kritika Kultura Celebrates International Translation Day

Every September 30, the world’s translation community celebrates International Translation Day. This year, once again in many countries, solidarity will be shown worldwide through programs and events that highlight the significance of translation as a profession and recognize the key role translation scholarship plays in today’s globalizing world.

Kritika Kultura, the internationally refereed online journal of the Ateneo de Manila English Department, and the Organizing Committee for the Philippine Society for Translation and Translation Studies (PSTTS), shall spearhead the effort to commemorate the event this year with a poetry reading of esteemed faculty members, authors and administrators of the Ateneo de Manila University’s Loyola Schools. 

They will read a favorite poem in the original language and in translation and will share brief remarks on its translation. The event is entitled "Traveling Texts: Poetic Passages.”

The event will be held on October 1, 2012, Monday, 4.30-6:30pm, at Escaler Hall, Ateneo de Manila University Loyola Heights campus. As of this writing, confirmed participants include Maria Luz C. Vilches (Dean, School of Humanities), Eduardo Jose E. Calasanz, Jr. (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs), Hiroko Yabut (Director, Japanese Studies Program), Daisy See (Director, Chinese Studies Program), Alvin Yapan (Chair, Filipino Department), Heidi V. Aquino (Chair, Modern Languages Department), Christa R. Velasco (Modern Languages Department), Assunta Cuyegkeng, Toby Dayrit (Chemistry Department), Francis Gealogo (History Department), Jose Mario Francisco, S. J.  (Loyola School of Theology), Agustin Rodriguez (Chair, Philosophy Department), and Cori Perez, Louie Jon Sanchez, Mary Thomas (English Department). 

As planned, the poems are originally in French, Waray, Japanese, Chinese, Bikol, Spanish, German, Ilokano, Gaelic, English, Tagalog, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian.

PSTTS is envisioned to be a non-profit organization that shall encourage research in translation, interpretation and translation studies, as well as promote the education, professionalization, and training of translators, interpreters and researchers and scholars of translation studies. 

It will convene in the first quarter of 2013 in a one-day program to be firmed up by the organizing committee whose members are Dr. Maria Luisa T. Reyes (English Department), Dr. Remmon Barbaza (Philosophy Department) and Dr. Michael Coroza (Filipino Department).  In this program, the organization shall be formalized and committees shall be constituted in order to realize the articulated aims of the PSTTS.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

PPUR: Puerto Princesa Escapades are the Best

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Panalangin – Apo Hiking Society Song Lyrics
Puerto Princesa, known as the City in the Forest, has beautiful scenery, remarkable tourist spots and rich culture/stories. Hubby and I were able to book a travel and tour package to discover and explore the beauty, fun and serenity of Puerto Princesa. 

Good thing, we really did for we were able to enjoy this escapade. PPUR tour is really a must for everyone. Go and grab your bookings now and feel more blessed. 

It is indeed one of the best ways to feel how fortunate we are to experience GOD's love and blessing. Happy traveling!

It was remarkably a wonderful and memorable island hopping, tour and dining experience, meaningful retreat, and most of all, inspiring renewal of vows and commitment. 

Hubby and I really had so much fun. With these awesome experiences, we felt more blessed and we are now more than thankful than ever to GOD for allowing us see, feel, experience and appreciate His creations and blessings. Thanks be to GOD.

More stories to come. Happy reading! Til your next visit.

Mommy Mai

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Happened at SM City Marilao on September 6?

Photo Credit: sm marilao bulacan by neo_paolo2005
Around 6 to 7 p.m. (September 6, Thursday), Hubby and I were enjoying shopping at SM City Marilao, Department Store when I heard people shouting, running and panicking. I hurriedly went back to the Men’s Department, looking for hubby. I shouted Daddy, so scared where to go, run and hide.  

In a matter of five seconds, I was able to hear hubby calling me and when we finally held hands, I felt safer and more secured. I was so scared and all I thought of that time was E-I-E-O.  I might be over-reacting or exaggerating things but I could only think of the worst case scenario.

Nanginginig ako, kami kasama ang lahat ng taong tumatakbo. Everybody ran so fast; all were yelling and shouting loudly. Takot na takot ang lahat. We were all so pale, shaking and shivering. Sa aming pagtakbo, I was thankful that hubby didn’t panic at all as he found a secured place for us to stay. He dragged me to a stock room (Men’s Dept); we went inside together with the other customers, SM Dept. Store’s personnel and staff. Pumasok kami sa pinakaloob and we locked the doors.

After ten minutes, we saw the security guards and asked how everything was. One said everything was under control and we could get out of the stock room and head our way to the parking area. And so we did. However, after just a few steps, we again heard people shouting and another batch of people (customers, personnel and staffs) running so fast. And so, we again ran and found another safe place to secure ourselves – inside another stock room.

This time we stayed there for almost 20 minutes. One personnel told us that everything was back to normal but we all decided to stay and wait for the security guards to escort us to step out of the Dept. store and leave SM Marilao.

After a few more minutes, we were assured of our “safety”. And so we headed our way to the parking area and left hurriedly. Hubby and I saw lots of people who were so scared, quivering, and so anxious about what happened.

Heavy traffic was experienced along McArthur Highway. There were police mobiles, along with the officers who were trying to minimize the tension. All were fearful, frightened, and uneasy.

One thing is for sure. SM City Marilao owes everyone an explanation, an official statement perhaps. I sent Steve Dailisan of GMA NewsTV a text message and was communicating with him. I wish he would try to help us communicate with SM City Marilao to validate and verify the real cause of this disturbing and distressing experience.

This experience was so terrible that it traumatized the people who witnessed the commotion as well as those untoward incidents. With all these, we now fear going to SM City Marilao as our safety is not always guaranteed.

I also needed to call my loved ones to check if they were at SM City Marilao. Good thing, they were not there. Now, I am still in shock; my hands are still shaking. I could hardly breathe.

SM City Marilao, please let us know the REAL CAUSE. We deserve to know the TRUTH. Have the courage and the initiative to take full accountability and liability of that awful occurrence. Please!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

English Department Faculty Enhancement Program

Hello, peeps!

Another endeavor for our professional growth has come. The College English Teachers’ Association (CETA), the Council of Department Chairpersons of English (CDCE), and Primetrade Asia, Inc. will hold a conference on language and literature. (Please see details below.)

Oh well, I do believe that this enhancement program is a must for English teachers. Everyone would surely benefit from this great learning experience. 

So, my dear colleagues in the academe, let's have ourselves in! 

See you there!

Kudos to CETA and CDCE! Cheers!


Mommy Mai

CDCE and CETA to hold language and literature conference

The College English Teachers’ Association (CETA), the Council of Department Chairpersons of English (CDCE) and Primetrade Asia, Inc. are inviting all college teachers of English and literature to a “Conference on Language and Literature: Paradigms, Pedagogies, and Practices” at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City on September 12 to 14, 2012. 

Held in conjunction with the International Book Fair, the conference will showcase the expertise of seasoned teachers and writers especially in the teaching of English and of literature.

Plenary speakers include the National Artist for Literature, Hon. F. Sionil Jose, UP University Professor Emeritus Gemino Abad, UP Prof. Emerita Cristina Hidalgo, and foreign trainors sponsored by the US Embassy and Cengage. 

Distinguished faculty from the University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, Ateneo de Manila University, and De La Salle University will be reading papers or demonstrating the teaching of specific lessons in the different parallel sessions. 

For the conference aims to discuss current paradigms in language and literature teaching, to present various methods and approaches towards effective teaching of English and literature, and to facilitate networking among educators to enable them to perform their teaching, research, publication, and extension work more effectively. 

A registration fee of three thousand and five hundred pesos shall be charged for each participant to cover food, training kits, and certificates of participation.

For registration and other inquiries, you may coordinate with the organizers: 

Ms. Hanna Sarmiento (09174251763 /hsarmiento@primetradeasia.com); 
Dr. Adelaida Lucero (09278407017 / aflucero@gmail.com); 
Dr. Milagros Laurel (mmclaurel@gmail.com); and,
PrimeTrade Asia, Inc. ( info@primetradeasia.com).

Article was taken from an e-mail sent by an online community group at ADMU. xie xie!