Saturday, September 22, 2012

PPUR: Puerto Princesa Escapades are the Best

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Puerto Princesa, known as the City in the Forest, has beautiful scenery, remarkable tourist spots and rich culture/stories. Hubby and I were able to book a travel and tour package to discover and explore the beauty, fun and serenity of Puerto Princesa. 

Good thing, we really did for we were able to enjoy this escapade. PPUR tour is really a must for everyone. Go and grab your bookings now and feel more blessed. 

It is indeed one of the best ways to feel how fortunate we are to experience GOD's love and blessing. Happy traveling!

It was remarkably a wonderful and memorable island hopping, tour and dining experience, meaningful retreat, and most of all, inspiring renewal of vows and commitment. 

Hubby and I really had so much fun. With these awesome experiences, we felt more blessed and we are now more than thankful than ever to GOD for allowing us see, feel, experience and appreciate His creations and blessings. Thanks be to GOD.

More stories to come. Happy reading! Til your next visit.

Mommy Mai

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