Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Disabled Girl from Cebu Dances Nae Nae

Watch this remarkable performance of a girl from Cebu. 
Despite of her disability, Precious Coyoca was able to dance gracefully to the tune of Nae Nae, Uptown Funk, Worth It, and several others. Amazingly, she was also able to include some difficult stunts like doing splits, cartwheel, and headstand on her performance.

Precious dominates the crowd regardless of her physical disability. We can see in this video that she is enjoying her piece and performing with much confidence and pride. 

To be honest, I am deeply touched by her performance. Who wouldn’t be amazed to see a girl without legs dancing better than others without physical deformity?

I hope Precious will be able to inspire other physically challenged individuals to practice their skills and be confident to show what they've got.

This video taken and uploaded by Mildred Conde Coyoca from Tacup San Remigio in Cebu City has gone viral, particularly in Social Media.

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Hello Kindness: Share Love and Let it Go Viral

Be one of us as we celebrate Social Media Day 2015 today.  Let's make kindness contagious on social media. Share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences as you spread kindness, happiness, and love.

What's It Like to Help a Stranger? Watch this video!

Here are some simple yet great things to do so!

Photo Credit: Ms. Celine Paola Abacan - Thanks, dear!
Make someone smile, feel loved, blessed, and special

Learn to always say 'Thank You' and compliment other people. You'll be surprised how you can move and touch lives.

Be a volunteer. Lending a helping hand can build better homes, communities, and eventually the best world ever!

Be blessed and be a blessing. I always say that sharing what you have is always good, and saying 'Thank you' is better, but passing the good deeds on is always the best... as the video says Kindness Boomerang!

Now, will you share kindness? Yes, it'll surely be a pleasure.

Kudos to the Life Vest Inside Team! They really did a great job on this endeavor for this most touching video has definitely moved so many lives - a good start to change the world, making it a better place to live in.


Mommy Mai

Jiro Manio: 'Magnifico' Needs Our Help

Magnifico (the movie) has touched many lives (including mine) and has perhaps changed the world in many little ways that the people behind this film couldn't even imagine.

Jiro Manio, Magnifico himself, has portrayed his role so well that made the viewers cry a river for several times in the movie. I even remember how my students (BSE English Majors) cried so hard (yes, many times) when I decided to let them see the movie, Magnifico - truly inspiring!

You may opt to read my previous post about Magnifico ... HERE.

According to INQUIRER.NET 
By: Jeannette I. Andrade @inquirerdotnet Philippine Daily Inquirer

"The country’s youngest multi-awarded actor, now apparently homeless, has found a home at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). For four days Jiro Manio, whose real name is Jiro Katakura, 23, has been wandering inside the NAIA terminal 3 living through the kindness of strangers, mostly employees. Clad in a hand-me-down shirt over shorts with a towel slung over his shoulder, Manio has been roaming the terminal lobby where the strip of fastfood restaurants are located, hoping for leftovers."

This is now a challenge to everyone. 

Let's help Jiro Manio and pass the good deeds on.

#ShareKindness and Celebrate #SocialMediaDay2015

Thanks, everyone!

Spread kindness, happiness, and love.

Monday, June 22, 2015

VP Binay Resigns as Cabinet Member

Photo Grabbed from Twitter : Ms. Lynda Jumilla-Abalos ‏
Omg. Binay quits Aquino's cabinet

I hope we can all file/submit resignation letters like this  in our work or elsewhere... solely one sentence, effective immediately.  :) 

Binay's resignation isn't really surprising what surprises me more is that he still has lots of supporters, believers, and followers despite what we've learned from the news, the reports, and the issues presented.

Though what's currently happening in the government is truly saddening.

My dear Filipinos, let's be conscientious, smart, wise, and vigilant in the next elections. 

What others say about this? Here we go:

On Twitter:

Ms Lynda Jumilla-Abalos ‏: 
Source says no reason stated for @VPJojoBinay's resignation. 

Mr Howie Severino ‏:
VP Binay resignation letter to PNoy had one sentence, did not even say thank you.

What Makati Rep. Mar-Len Abigail Binay-Campos said:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

John Kerry breaks his right femur in a bike crash

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry suffered from a leg injury where he fractured his right femur in a bicycle accident in Scionzier, France, on Sunday morning.

State Department spokesman John Kirby explained that after suffering from a broken femur, Kerry was expected to make a full recovery. He also said that the State Secretary was already listed to be in a stable condition.

Kirby was thankful for the assistance of French and Swiss physicians and other health practitioners as well as the paramedics and a doctor who were in Kerry’s motorcade when the mishap happened. The 71-year old diplomat received immediate medical care at the site of the bicycle crash.

State secretary Kerry was supposed to be back to the U.S. by Sunday, but as advised by his doctors, he needed to stay overnight at the hospital. Though he did not lose his consciousness, this recommendation was acted upon as a precautionary measure. 

Since the leg injury is near the area of the previous surgery on his hip in 2009, he planned to return to home on Monday and go to Boston for further check-up and necessary treatments with his doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Because of the said bike accident, Kerry still needed to cut his diplomatic trip, which was supposed to include Madrid and Paris for international and ministerial meetings. He initially held a round of discussions with the leaders and negotiators of Iran in Geneva on Saturday.

Kerry expects to partake in these endeavors remotely via videoconference as his participation in the said Paris counter-ISIL coalition and related events is always believed to be essential.

Spokesman Kirby said that Kerry is now active and in good spirits. He is expected to fully recover soon.

One of the secretary’s favorite leisure activities is bicycling. He is fond of engaging himself to this recreational sport even on his trips overseas. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Obamas pay respect to the grieving Bidens

(ROBYN BECK/AFP/GettyImageshttp://miami.cbslocal.com/
U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, paid respect and offered sympathy to Vice President Joe Biden and his family on Sunday after the death of Beau Biden.

According to The Associated Press, Joseph R. "Beau" Biden III, 46, died from brain cancer on Saturday, May 30, 2015 at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C. The Obamas went to the Biden's official residence, the U.S. Naval Observatory to extend their sincerest condolences.

In 2010, Beau Biden suffered mild stroke and was diagnosed with brain cancer in August 2013. He underwent certain medical treatments such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy to fight cancer; however, it recurred in the spring of 2015.

Paying tribute to Beau Biden and his invaluable contributions to the government and public service, President Obama said that his family was also grieving and he believes that Beau,  a good, big-hearted, and faithful Catholic, has lived his life well, by living it like that of his dad’s.

Obama also asserted in a statement how Beau’s legacy has touched and made a difference in the lives of many people. Beau studied the law in the same law school where his dad obtained his degree. He devoted his life to public service, untiringly serving as Delaware’s Attorney General in Iraq, and in the military as a member of the Delaware Army National Guard.

Many Washington officials, politicians, celebrities, and even civilians expressed their sympathy to the grieving family and prayed for the eternal repose of Beau. Some of them had their testimonies and wishes shared on social media. 

In a statement released by the White House, Vice President Biden also expressed their warm thanks to all those who comforted him and his family during this very difficult time. "The entire Biden family is saddened beyond words. We know that Beau's spirit will live on in all of us," he said.

Monday, June 1, 2015

San Andreas bags $53 million on its opening weekend

Photo Credit: http://www.comingsoon.net/
San Andreas, an American 3D disaster film, topped the North American box office this weekend at $53.2 million in 3,777 U.S. locations. Receiving mixed reviews and commendations from moviegoers and film enthusiasts, it has also been launched in 60 international markets including major territories such as U.K., Germany, France, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia, with $60 million and a total of $113.2 million worldwide.

San Andreas beat the previous week’s top-grossing films Pitch Perfect 2 and Tomorrowland respectively. This earthquake drama has marked the prevalent solo debut of the former professional wrestler-turned-actor, Dwayne Johnson. Earning impressive ratings and feedbacks from audiences, the film’s lead actor’s charisma, physique, versatility, and innate humor are believed to be of a powerful ‘punch’ for San Andreas to soar high.

Lesson Learned from San Andreas
The action thriller film stars, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario, Ioan Gruffudd, Archie Panjabi, Paul Giamatti, Hugo Johnstone-Burt, Art Parkinson, Will Yun Lee, and Kylie Minogue shared their experiences and how this Warner Bros – New Line 3D disaster epic has affected them as artists.

When asked on what she had learned from this California quake movie, Carla Gugino exclaimed, “Remain calm. Drop, cover and hold on… Don’t sleep naked.”

The cast portrays different levels of distress, anxiety, courage and resilience all throughout the film. This only shows that San Andreas was able to capture and describe the emotional realities of every calamity.

Through this endeavor, WWE superstar, "The Rock" has intensified his dedication to his career. His WME talent agent Brad Slater said, “Johnson’s discipline is infectious. He’s the ultimate human being.”

Co-financed and co-produced by Village Roadshow Pictures with Warner Bros. for $110 million, San Andreas is directed by Brad Peyton, a Canadian-born film director, writer and television producer, who admitted that he has every reason to be happy for the success of this Hollywood blockbuster. 

A must-watch movie...   :)