Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Disabled Girl from Cebu Dances Nae Nae

Watch this remarkable performance of a girl from Cebu. 
Despite of her disability, Precious Coyoca was able to dance gracefully to the tune of Nae Nae, Uptown Funk, Worth It, and several others. Amazingly, she was also able to include some difficult stunts like doing splits, cartwheel, and headstand on her performance.

Precious dominates the crowd regardless of her physical disability. We can see in this video that she is enjoying her piece and performing with much confidence and pride. 

To be honest, I am deeply touched by her performance. Who wouldn’t be amazed to see a girl without legs dancing better than others without physical deformity?

I hope Precious will be able to inspire other physically challenged individuals to practice their skills and be confident to show what they've got.

This video taken and uploaded by Mildred Conde Coyoca from Tacup San Remigio in Cebu City has gone viral, particularly in Social Media.

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