Monday, July 27, 2015

President Noynoy Aquino's SONA 2015

We're now watching Sona 2015. 
PNOY started his speech with the usual 'blame' - ang nakaraang administrasyon... silang mga nakaupo noon... ang talamak na korupsyon nuong sila ang nakaupo... at ang sari-saring isyu na ating inalmusal noong nakaraang administrasyon...

Nakakapagtaka lang, paulit-ulit na lang... medyo nakakasawa na po kasi... basahin ang mga nasa isipan ng mga ilang Pinoy via twitter/

Tweets from our netizens...


Funny Tweets:



PNOY:  Panahon na para ipasa and isang anti-dynasty law.  Applause! Bravo, Mr. President.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ryan Rems Sarita Rocks the World with His Comedy

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ABS-CBN’s It’s ShowTime has found another promising talent in the person of Ryan Rems Sarita, a hopeful comedian and an online English Teacher by profession. After rigid screening and evaluation of their pieces, he was chosen to push through with the contest, “The Funny One,” along with the other nine equally talented contenders.

Sarita, a.k.a. “Rakistang Komikero,” was able to capture the crowd with his signature music, stage presence, “no nonsense jokes” and his famous one-liner, “Rock and Roll to the World.” Although he has been beaten twice on the daily rounds, he still managed to pass the elimination process and advance to the next level of the competition.

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Ryan Rems’ style of comedy is quite unique. At times, you need to think twice or even thrice to pick up the idea of his gags. However, it doesn’t really matter at all. Laughter and claps sounded most of the times after he finishes a tale... as if nobody cares if it is indeed funny or not. Maybe it is on his manner of delivering his jokes.

The guy from Novaliches always gets high regards from judges Mayor Herbert Bautista, Joey Marquez, and Melai Cantiveros. There was also a time when he almost got a perfect grade after a remarkable performance.

The ultimate winner will receive a cash prize of 1 million pesos. Might as well, the lucky one may have a chance to become a part of the network’s roster of fine comedians and performers.

Follow Ryan on twitter and have a dose of his daily humor.

Wooohhhh! Orayt! Rock ‘N Roll to the World!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Netizens' Tweets on the Artworks of Julia Buencamino

The young and bubbly Julia Buencamino, 15, committed suicide, July 7, 2015. 

What I Saw on Twitter and Instagram Made Me Cry and Pray More for Her and the Family

How we all see it? She loves arts to express herself and her thoughts.

A photo posted by julia buencamino (@hoolianabanana) on

Something cute for her lovely 'Moirail'  (moirail ... reasonable human translation would be the concept of a soul mate, but in a more platonic sense, and with a more specific social purpose... #mspaintadventures)

A photo posted by julia buencamino (@hoolianabanana) on

Netizens share their thoughts about Julia and her artworks.

Kim Chiu

Janella Salvador (Bestie Sophie)

Random Tweets from the Netizens

Bestie Aimee, Julia deserves respect and compassion ... and so as her artworks
So, please don't judge.  RIP, Julia.

More news about Julia and her 'artworks' are found HERE. 

Bubbly Julia Buencamino showed ‘no sign she was depressed’ 

Janella Salvador, 'Oh My G!' cast mourn death of Julia Buencamino

Again, our sincerest condolences to the family. May this young soul rest in peace.

With sympathy and prayers,

Mommy Mai

Justin Bieber, Showing His Naked Butt on Instagram

Famous pop singer, Justin Bieber, again shows off his daring stunts as he posted his nude photo on his Instagram account last Monday, revealing his naked butt on board a boat. According to some reports, the photo may have been taken in Bora Bora in the South Pacific.

On his photo, Bieber seems like pointing out to something on the nearby island. “Look” (the caption below the image) has drawn a numerous fans, who might as well wanted to view his ass on the internet.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Anyone can guess what's on his mind doing this? But the truth is, this famous photo can be a good strategy to keep the "Bieber Fever" on.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Artists Nonie and Shamaine Buencamino’s Daughter, Julia, committed suicide

Oh my G’s actress, Julia Louise Buencamino, portraying the role Bestie Aimee, 15 years old, was found lifeless by their househelp on the evening of Tuesday, July 7. 

Julia was found hanging from the ceiling of her room in their family residence. Though she was rushed to Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan City, she was declared 'dead on arrival'.

The loving yet grieving father, Nonie, requested the authorities to cease the investigation as he's convinced that their daughter, Julia committed suicide. 

Julia's last tweet @hoolianabanana is shared here... saying hello to mister sun.

More stories here and here.

This really breaks my heart. 
Prayers for the her and her loved ones. 
Sincerest condolences to the family especially to her parents.


Mommy Mai

Monday, July 6, 2015

MERS-CoV in the Philippines

Health is wealth. 

From GMA News: 

The Department of Health has confirmed that a foreigner from the Middle East has been found positive with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-coronavirus (MERS-CoV), a television report said Monday.

GMA News TV's News to Go reported that the patient is now confined at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine in Muntinlupa City.

This is the second MERS-CoV case in the country. 

In February, a Filipina nurse who arrived from Saudi Arabia tested positive for the virus. Later that same month, she was cleared of the virus.


What You Need to Know about MERS-CoV 

May the Good Lord bless us more and always. 

God spares us, please.


Mommy Mai

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Protect your Child against Bullying

Photo Credit: Twentyfour Students/Flickr

Parents would never wish to see their child being oppressed or intimidated by other children, particularly in school. Bullying, therefore should be hindered, by all means, in all educational institutions as well as in all other places where the young are supposed to co-exist without fear of being harassed or misjudged.

"For my entire childhood I pretty much felt continually like most of the outside world wanted me dead, or at least, found me a curious novelty for their own amusement." - Oliver Emberton

Bullying, at some point, bring much negative effect on our kids. There are some instances wherein bullied individuals fail to perform well in school or even to mingle with other students. They opt to become isolated from the rest as they become anxious in approaching possible friends. Sometimes, victims turn to be ill-tempered and hard-headed; trusting no one, not even their parents in extreme cases.

Photo Credit: Lee Morley/Flickr
It is indeed difficult to deal with bullying but preventive measures should be done before it happens to your sons and daughters. Primarily, parents should be aware of the school’s anti-bullying procedures and discuss with the school authorities about it. It is also very important to have an excellent line of communication with your kids and let them feel that they are always being loved and trusted.

"The real world isn’t fair either, but it’s a much fairer game to play than the playground." - Oliver Emberton

Read this inspiring story of a person who experienced bullying during his childhood. Learn how he managed to cope up with this situation and become a successful individual.

As for me and my husband, we regularly check our son's experiences in school. We carefully discuss with him what bullying means using simple words that he can understand. We let him understand that bullying is bad and it is improper to treat other people unkindly.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Amazing Life Hacks You Wish You've Known Sooner

These may just be very simple life hacks but can certainly give you lots of convenience and will even allow you to save bucks, and of course, time and effort.

Watch these videos to grab those brilliant ideas from these experts!

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With all these, I know life must have been a lot better. Enjoy!


Mommy Mai