Monday, December 15, 2014

Thank GOD It's December - A Story of a Blessed Woman

December has always been so special for me and hubby. We both celebrate our birth dates, every 4th and 13th, his and mine respectively. We commemorate our anniversary every 14th and on the 16th, our wedding anniversary. Being together for 12 years as happy lovers and getting married for eight years are more than a million ways of thanking God and praising His name.

With God’s grace, we are able to sustain and survive life’s trials and tests of faith but as we always say, these tough times were outgrown by the billions of blessings that we receive each day. Miracles are felt and witnessed every time we wake  up and see how beautiful life is, seeing Eieo next to us, happy, witty and healthy.

Many people say that we are perfectly blessed as we have always become a blessing and inspiration to many lives. But you know, though I feel that I really couldn’t ask for more, hubby and I would always love to hope and pray that EIEA will be handed and given to us soon, very, very soon.

Yes, all we want now is a lovely, smart and healthy daughter

As I end today’s post, I would like to thank my husband and lifetime partner, Ren, for his unconditional love and support, our marriage is so wonderful that would make me fall in love with you over and over again... 

Eieo, for his love and for making us feel God’s blessings every day and of course, for having us experience the perks of parenthood; for our families and friends, for making us feel loved and special each day. 

The power of my three F’s: Faith, Family and Friends, has always been an inspiration… thank you very much. All these things I owe to you and all.

Happy holidays, everyone. May the yuletide spirit bring us the gifts of love, joy, peace and prosperity. 

Season’s greetings from our family to yours… God bless us all.

Thanks be to God Almighty.

Forever blessed,

Mommy Mai

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Lutong Pinoy (Recipes) FB Group : A Great Virtual Place for Foodies

Lutong Pinoy (Recipes) : My New Addiction on Social Network

This group, LP, has inspired many moms, housewives and career women alike, to cook and bake for their families and loved ones. News feed is jam-packed with good vibes, shared recipes, and helpful/useful tips to make each

It felt so humbling and overwhelming to see many women from different walks of life, united to be one, working towards one goal – to prepare something delicious and enticing for their families, and most of all, stepping out of their comfort zones and starting a business that would make them feel their self-worth as a mom and as an entrepreneur even in their own little ways. 

To this group, I believe that everyone has found in many ways to appreciate life and live such to the fullest.

Truly, LP has touched many lives including mine, making me get so hooked and addicted to this group. This LP craze has changed my daily routines on social networks.

Thanks to my sister April for letting me know of this group, to the admins and members for sharing goodness and love through their simple culinary masterpieces.

Muli, maraming salamat mga Ka-LP. 

Mabuhay tayong lahat! Cheers!

God speed.


Mommy Mai

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