Tuesday, December 6, 2016

MUST-TRY: Top 10 Free Things to Do in Queenstown

Discover and explore Queenstown for free. So much fun at no extra cost.

It’s almost Christmas! And since it’s one of the most festive seasons of the year, we all want nothing but the best so we plan early where to go and what to do – spending some quality time with our families and friends.  

However, can we still make it as memorable and as fun as the previous Christmases when we’re actually on a very tight budget? Well, worry no more! We come here to the rescue. Try any of these top 10 things that you can do in Queenstown for free and you’ll surely have lots of fun.

1. Take the kids to Kingston for a “classic family picnic”.
No doubt, Queenstown, New Zealand has been tagged as the “adventure capital of the world” because it has a lot of interesting and exciting things to offer.

Kingston’s lakeside setting, cosy vibe, and outdoor lifestyle make it a great spot for you to spend your family day out. Ready your picnic baskets loaded with delicious meals, hale and hearty snacks, and refreshing beverages. Be relaxed and comfy on picnic benches that sit on the water's edge.

2. Be “kids” again: Play, play and play
Each of us surely has unforgettable moments when we were still kids. And yes, we must admit that most of us enjoyed our childhood days even in the absence of Internet, gadgets and computers.

Feel free to do those “silly things” again as it can be a great way to relieve stress. Laughing out loud (like a kid) isn’t bad after all.

Outdoor games such as hide and seek, kick the can, capture the flag, etc. are not only great additions to our kids awesome childhood memories but most importantly aid in the promotion of a healthier and more active lifestyle.

3. Enjoy some nature-tripping activities.
Mother Nature doesn’t only reward us with fresh air, scenic views and serenity but also provides us with a natural playground and a captivating backdrop for “picture perfect” a range of activities all year round.

Find time to drop by at Queenstown Gardens, Lake Hayes, Glenorchy, etc. and fall in love with the picturesque beauty of nature.

See the man in the photo? He took his van up the Remarkables road to get a better view of the Wakatipu Basin from above.

Appreciating the charm of nature not only gives you tranquility from within but also lets you remain hopeful that a brighter future lies ahead of you. 

4. Walk along Lake Wakatipu.
Whether you’d go for a morning walk or a late afternoon stroll, its charm remains irresistible and distinctively beautiful. Thanks to its accessibility from the town centre through the Queenstown Gardens and the Frankton Track. Satisfy your cravings for exquisite scenery and fresh air.

Trivia: Scientists have rated it as 99.9% pure and clean, making it the second-purest lake water in the world.

5. Discover the charm of Lake Face Creek Falls trail. 
Unleash the charm of a secret spot, bring your families with you and have the guts to get wet and wild outdoors.

Be amazed by the stunning view and crystal clear water. It’s also a perfect time for some photo ops. So, don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the beauty of this hidden gem and get ready to share the photos to your fellas – they’d surely love them, too.

6. Go on a road trip.
Sightseeing does wonders… especially to the kids. There’s truly more than just a countryside road trip. It’s more of what everybody loves during the travel: random chitchats, stopovers, foods, and all those “bonding moments” – things they say money can’t buy.

Yay! Don’t forget to include Glenorchy in your itinerary, especially if you’re a big fan of “Lord of the Rings” and “Narnia” series. You’d realise why lots of scenes from the said movies were shot in here, thanks to its photogenic landscape, scenic drive, and panoramic view.

7. Stroll after an al fresco dinner and some drinks.
What can be more satisfying than feeding your eyes with some chunks of beautiful and serene surroundings after a delightful dinner and some refreshing drinks? Well, it’s certainly a rewarding experience that’s worth cherishing for a lifetime.

This also works best for lovely couples out there who wish to have some equally romantic and cosy rendezvous without the need to spend much.

8. Ready for some “me” time?!
Feeling exhausted lately? Give yourself a break by finding the perfect time to relax, unwind and de-stress from the very busy life in the city, hectic working schedules, and too many errands. Many people consider this (as shown in the photo) their favourite spot in Glenorchy. It’s pretty obvious why, right?

9.  Reward him or her with a not-so ordinary date.
World-renowned for its adventure, Queenstown boasts its various adrenaline-based activities including jetboating, bungy jumping, white water rafting and skydiving, guided tours, and even scenic flights. These things you can do and enjoy together.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider doing something unique yet as fun as any of those activities. You may opt to explore many hiking and biking trails in Queenstown, have some BBQ lunch by the beach, or just relax on a bench in Glenorchy, Arrowtown or Kingston. Such a perfect time to recharge!

10. Go stargazing.
The clear, dreamy and unpolluted skies of Queenstown make it the perfect setting for some breathtaking stargazing experience. Who doesn’t want to do this anyway?!

The best things in life are FREE.

Come and visit Queenstown and begin making memories with your loved ones and friends – no need to spend much. Have a blissful holiday season, folks! 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Must-Read for Long-Term Couples: Wake-Up Call to All of Us

This is what some couples fail to see or realize. 

I came across this post from facebook and it's worthy reading... such a wake-up call. 
#MarriageTips #RelationshipIssues

September 28 at 9:17am

After the years have passed, it all disappears.

After how many years, the spark will go. The reasons why you loved the other person will be unknown. The butterflies in your stomach will soon disappear. You will forget why you liked that person in the first place. You'll start to see all the wrong and the ugly you chose to look blindly in your beginnings. Now, going home to each other's arms is not as exciting to look forward to as before. Cuddling and those exchange of sweet words become rare and all the fighting will take over.

Sex will become less and less. You'll be shocked that one day, those nights and hours you spend in sex will now be spent in silence and arguments. You'd rather cover your partner up rather than take their clothes off. Appreciation goes less and less too. You have to accept that.

This is the sad reality of long term relationships.

You become familiar with each other rather than staying "in love" with each other. You become more of friends rather than lovers. This is the stage where you choose, is being with this person worth it anymore? Are the fights worth it or is it easier to just get out and leave? Some couples make it, some don't. Why? Because they all made the choice some didn't make. They chose to stay, maybe because of some strong roots or maybe because they don't want to start again.

I once came across someone who has been married for 30 years. I asked her, "did you ever caught your husband cheat?" She said, "ofcourse, it is normal. After some time you'll just get used to it and think that the most important thing will be that he goes home to you every night." That is how their relationship worked for so many years. But isn't it sad? To be used to some habits that die hard? Well if that's their case, I respect that. I also came across a man who has been married for 10 years and decided to end it after he caught his ex wife cheating. I asked, how come you ended it when others would just forgive? He said "a man's ego will always be there. Maybe the double standards of the society added factors or maybe I realized she wasn't worth it anymore." It was a sad ending but hey, he's happier now with someone and I guess it all comes down to one vital thing, happiness.

"Don't sleep mad at each other" -- one of the lines I always hear from commercials, blogs and the likes but I tell you this. Sometimes sleeping off an argument is better rather than facing it while everything is hot. You respect each other enough that when they're not ready, you give them space to think things through. You don't need to fix it outright. Sometimes it causes more damage. Time out is also good for each other. Time out to think and meditate not time out to go message other people and flirt!

The society has so much influenced us that having a long term relationship is easy, just forgive and forget and it's done. Road to forever! But that's not it. There will be a lot of unspoken words, a lot of unnecessary words thrown at you, and a lot of pride and changes to adapt to. Being in a road to a long term relationship is good but never forget to not lose yourself while in it. Be with a person who will not mind if you get fat or your skin sags or you lose the beauty that once made him fall for you, after all you are not a timeless beauty. Make sure that you're in that road with someone who will be worth your love, pain and anger, worth your time and effort and most of all, worth of that kindness your heart has yet to unleash.

-feel free to share. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Davao City Bombing UPDATE: State of Lawlessness Covers Mindanao Only, Malacañang Clarifies

DAVAO CITY BOMB BLAST UPDATE: PH wakes up to "State of Lawlessness". Find the latest news and tweets below.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

LOOK: Upside Down Reversible Umbrellas: A 'Good Buy' for Car Owners and 'Octopus Moms' Like Me

Tag-Ulan Problems 101

True enough, I am grateful because I have finally found the answers to my problems especially during rainy days!

1. Coming in the house from the rain is a challenge.

It makes my floors wet, slippery and (sometimes) in a total mess.

2. Getting in and alighting the car has ALWAYS been a dilemma.

It never fails to make me wet. It's really a struggle since I am usually the last person to get inside the car.

3. Opening and closing an umbrella in a crowd makes me worry a lot. 

Since I don't want to hit someone in the head or make him or her wet, I am EXTRA careful.  

The ANSWER: My Newly Bought Upside Down Reversible Double Layer Umbrella

The VERDICT: Super SULIT. A must-have indeed, such a good buy.


Thanks to #SmartUmbrellas. 

Pre-order now at 0912.908.9375!

P.S. Screenshots were taken here. Visit wheninmanila.com today and catch lots of fun and interesting posts. Thankies!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

SIM Card Registration Act: Senator Dick Gordon's Bill To Cease 911 Prank Calls

GAT DickGordon ... Galing at Talino! 
We'll support this bill all the way. 
God bless the Philippines. 

SIM Card Registration Act -- PRESS RELEASE*

The Philippine National Police activated the nationwide 911 hotline** on the first day of August, as it earlier committed. From midnight to 7 am, the PNP monitoring center manned by 45 agents recorded 2,475 calls. Of the total, 304 or 12% were prank calls while 1,119 or 45% were dropped calls.

With over of the calls being prank and dropped calls received by agents manning Hotline 911 during the first seven hours of the nationwide hotline’s operation, Senator Richard J. Gordon pointed out that now there is even more need for the passage of his SIM Card Registration bill.

“We can’t have prank calls and dropped calls congesting our emergency hotline so much so that legitimate callers would find it hard to get through. I have the solution for this – my proposed measure which seeks to require the registration of both post-paid and prepaid SIM cards. With SIM cards registered, prank callers will be deterred because they can easily be identified and tracked down,” he said.

Last June, Gordon filed Senate Bill No. 105 or the SIM Card Registration Act, which aims to deter crime and enhance peace and order in the country by requiring the registration of both post-paid and prepaid SIM cards in mobile phones.

“Mobile phones are useful and convenient tools of modern life. While mobile phones have brought speed and efficiency to our transactions, there are individuals who take advantage of this modern technology to commit crimes faster and with greater facility. When used maliciously, these become dangerous tools of crime,” he said.

Gordon cited as example, criminals who commit kidnapping, estafa, and other crimes can easily consummate their unlawful activities with the use of prepaid SIM cards in mobile phones. He added this does not allow law enforcers to identify these violators and hold them for investigation.

The senator stressed that lawless elements must not be granted the privilege of using mobile phones with anonymity to achieve their crimes. “There is a need to require the registration of all SIM Cards in mobile phones both prepaid and postpaid. This will promote responsibility and accountability in the use of SIM Cards in mobile phones as well as provide better law enforcement capability in protecting the public,” he stressed.

Section 4 of the proposed measure provides that “ Every mobile phone company shall be required to register its subscribers, both prepaid and postpaid, and maintain a directory thereof, indicating therein the SIM Card serial number, mobile phone number, name, and address of the subscriber.

The bill also seeks sellers to require all SIM card buyers to present a valid ID with a picture and to accomplish a registration form issued by the mobile phone company of the SIM card being purchased. 

Buyers who will not produce a valid ID will be refused the sale of a SIM card. The seller will also have to submit accomplished registration forms to the same mobile phone company within 15 days from the date of sale.

Section 5, meanwhile, provides assurance that the personal information in the SIM card registration will be not be inquired or looked into except when probable cause is determined by a competent judge after examination under oath or affirmation of the complainant and the witnesses, if any.

Violators will be meted with a fine ranging from P5,000 to P50,000. Existing subscribers must register their SIM cards with their mobile phones within three months from the effectivity of the law or their SIM cards will be deactivated. 

Blogger's Note: *This article is originally posted in Sen. Dick Gordon's official website. 

Visit him HERE to learn more from his powerful insights and understand how he serves us and our country the best way he can. #AdmiringSenatorDickGordon 

**The 911 National Emergency Hotline Number is indeed vital in suppressing crimes and for swift action in such situations while the 8888 Complaints Hotline will be used to report corrupt officials, underperforming government personnel, and unfinished government projects.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Max's Commercial: This Newest Ad Will Surely Make You Cry [With VIDEO]

Photo: Wikipedia
This newest commercial from Max's Restaurant seems to capture many hearts -- making me cry, too. The video clip, "Debut" got me at 4:16 (Surprise!).

It's so sweet for a father to prepare something like this for her unica hija. Well, I don't want to be a spoiler. But before that, a little trivia on how I have lived my life without a father.

I Am A No-Father Daughter.

I have no dad, I don't have a biological father (I have never seen him, no idea of how he exactly looks like). But God has always been so good to me that He showered me with lots of great people (family, relatives and friends) who have loved and nurtured me since Day 1. 

And now that I have a family of my own, happily married and blessed with our unico hijo, I really couldn't ask for more. Having them around, I know I am more than blessed. I have so many things in my life that I am forever grateful for. Thank You, my dear God!

Watch Max's Video Clip HERE:

Max’s Restaurant’s YouTube channel: There’s nothing a father won't do para sa kanyang anak. Share your #‎TataysLove stories to us and watch Direk Brillante Mendoza’s “Debut” for more #TataysLove feels!

BTW: It's so nice to see Mr. Julio Diaz back on screen. Kudos to the team for giving him another chance to showcase his amazing skills and unrivaled talents -- very inspiring, lakas maka-good vibes. Thank you.

Be my guest and share me your thoughts and beautiful stories by hitting the comment box below. Thankies!   :-)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

WATCH: Jose Manalo Nahulog Sa Ilog -- Maruming Ilog

Youtube Screenshot
Jose Manalo Nahulog Sa Maruming Ilog sa Malabon City

KalyeSerye star/Eat Bulaga host Jose Manalo fell into a river in Malabon City during his "pasabog" moment in Juan for All, All for Juan segment on Tuesday, June 14, 2016.

CERTIFIED: Humor with Wit
Kudos to Jose Manalo! He's very professional and oh so cool. No doubt, he is one of the country's top comedians. 

Watch the video (actual footage) here:

LOOK: The Netizens' Reactions

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Finding Dory Movie Trailer, News and Updates

Photo Credit:  movies.disney.com
Miss these marine peeps -- Dory, Nemo, Marlin, Mr. Ray, Crush and Squirt? Well, you'd gotta see them again this June 17, 2016.

Finally, (2003) Finding Nemo's sequel, Finding Dory excites most kids out there, including the kids-at-heart. This upcoming American 3D computer-animated comedy adventure film is produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. 

Andrew Stanton, who directed the original film, Finding Nemo, will return as writer and director, as well as Angus MacLane as the co-director.

Focused on the friendly yet forgetful Pacific blue tang Dory, the film highlights the reunion of "amnesiac blue fish" with her family, setting off the coast of California.


This is why you shouldn't miss 'Finding Dory'!

Netizens' Reactions on Dari Creme's Newest Commercial: Disliking the Ad, Not the Child!

Photo Credit: magnolia.com.ph/youtube screen grab

Anything under the sun can go viral now -- getting shared and receiving lots of likes, reactions and comments on social media -- so as this newest TV ad from Dari Creme.

Here are the netizens' reactions:

Don't get us wrong. 

When I first saw Dari Creme's newest commercial/TV ad, I was amazed how cute the child is and how the family eats breakfast together. Hence, I felt disappointed to hear the responses of the cute little boy while voicing out and sharing his concerns to his parents. Perhaps, I expected to hear 'po' and 'opo' as we all expect such from our own kids.

And how a product that is "Pinipili ng mapiling ina" can tolerate such manner of dealing with the parents/guardians...

A call to concerned agencies and authorities!
We need to be more conscious of what we air on TV as even the very 'least details' may do more harm than good not just to the target market but to the viewers (of all ages) as well.

We earnestly hope that we could do something about this, especially the boy is so cute and adorable.

See for yourself and let us know your thoughts. Please feel free to post a comment and let's join hands in promoting good TV ads. #ValuesInTVAds

Watch the Newest Dari Creme's TV Ad:


Mommy Mai

Friday, May 6, 2016

LOOK: 7 AWESOME Reasons You Should Vote In The 2016 National Elections #GoodVibes

With all the things happening today, the best thing we can do is to join hands in prayers

Photo: Glenn Munoz Lopez/Facebook
It's so powerful that it can make MIRACLES happen.

So, let us all kneel, close our eyes, feel the presence of the Lord, be faithful and hope what's BEST for the Philippines. 
God bless us, all.

On a lighter note, here are some more reasons you should really exercise your right to vote on May 9. These 'election day' promos and discounts are just so REAL. 

#GoodVibesPlease  #BeGrateful  #CleanVotePH

Cast Your Vote and Avail These Promos and Discounts...









Thanks to these establishments that are appreciative and generous enough to do their share and extend their gratitude to those who would find time to vote (for a better PH) on Monday.

Kudos, guys!

#CleanVotePH #StopTheHate #SpreadGoodVibes


Mommy Mai

Friday, April 15, 2016

Opening Prayer in a Wedding Reception - Sample and Guide

Wedding  Reception Prayer - Sample

Almighty Father,

We are gathered here today to celebrate the blessings of marriage for Ren and Mai and to lift their hearts' desires as they finally become one in the sacrament of matrimony.

No one here knows what the future holds for them but we acknowledge that it is You who hold their future. And we ask that you bless and protect them as You fill their lives with Your grace and wisdom.

We ask that this would be a marriage made in heaven, praying that our bride and groom would continually desire to be a heavenly mate.

Lord, draw their hearts together in love and unity. Teach them how to enjoy working together, playing together, dreaming together and living the wonderful life you bestowed them.

May they be determined to make You the center of their home. But most of all, dear God, help them to keep the torch of love blossom in love and light that by their loving example they may pass the same love and goodness to their children and to their children's children forever.

These we ask through Your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord… Amen.

Friday, April 8, 2016

DIY Cebu-Bohol Travel Itinerary: Where To Go And What Tourist Spots To Visit In Cebu And Bohol

Our little man, Eieo prepares himself as he takes his first zipline experience at the Sagbayan Peak, Bohol.
Traveling is good, having some quality time to relieve stress is better, but 'discovering the world' with your loved ones is simply the best. I always praise and thank God for letting us travel as much as we can. That despite our hectic schedule -- managing our personal and professional errands, our ministries and all -- we still see to it that we always find some precious time to travel and explore God's lovely creations. 

Appreciating the nature, the people and everything in between always brings joy to our hearts. And seeing our unico hijo happy and excited is priceless. We are so blessed to be able to pack our bags and head unto a family getaway.

Travelling within a certain budget is a challenge. You need to cut some costs without compromising fun and the tour itself. But fortunately, we are always able to do it -- maximize our time, effort, resources, and even the travel per se. 

Here are some of the tourist spots that you should never miss when you get a chance to visit Cebu and Bohol...

Visit Cebu:
Monastery of the Holy Eucharist or Simala Church or Simala Shrine in Sibonga Cebu
Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod 
Magellan’s Cross
Basilica Minore Del Sto Nino & Cebu City Cathedral
Cebu City - Countryside Tour

Visit Bohol:

Sagbayan peak
Chocolate hills
Ship house
Butterfly sanctuary
Man made forest
Tarsier sanctuary
Bamboo hanging bridge 
Loboc river cruise
Baclayon church
Blood compact 
Hinagdanan cave
Tagbilaran Cathedral
Bohol Churches
Panglao Church and WatchTower

Panglao Island
Alona White Sand Beach
Dumaluan Beach

Feel free to contact me so I can share to you our DIY Cebu-Bohol Itinerary, five days, 4 nights!

Chilling out (one lovely night with hubby and kiddo) while loving everything in between: the beautiful beach, the white sand, the yummy food, the relaxing music, the cozy ambience, and of course, the sweet fellas we meet... Bohol is L-O-V-E!

Happy Summer, fellas!

‪#‎EieoTravels‬ ‪#‎CebuBoholEscapades‬

Thanks be to God!


Mommy Mai

Friday, March 18, 2016

College Graduation Opening or Welcome Remarks Sample

graduation opening remarks

This is the season, once again, when many students experience the best part of schooling: GRADUATION. After spending most of their time studying and doing their school stuff, they will now enter another world, another phase of their lives... another milestone.

With that, I would like to share with you a sample of a graduation speech uttered in any school commencement or graduation programme. Others call it "opening remarks for graduation" while some tag it as "welcome remarks".  I made this one to help you out. Get rid of anything that will stress you (and that even include preparing a speech)... so you can just be confidently beautiful (with a heart) on your big day!

I do hope it could serve as a guide/pattern for those students who were given the honor to address the guests, teachers, parents, fellow students and other event attendees.

To the graduating batch of 2016; Congratulations! Kudos!

Graduation Welcome Remarks

Distinguished guest speaker, _______________, respective guests, beloved teachers, alumni, parents and most especially my friends and fellow candidates, a blessed morning/afternoon/evening to you all.

We are all gathered here today to celebrate another milestone in the lives of the graduating class of 2016. Graduation is about endings and beginnings, a celebration of achievement and the commencement of a transition to a different chapter in our lives as young, productive and responsible adults. 

This is indeed the moment we have all been waiting and praying for.
Today also marks our triumphs over rigorous academic training and challenges as well as the culmination of years of hard work, tons of sweat to achieve academic excellence and invaluable efforts to make us grow into someone we all want to be.

Hence, on behalf of the graduating class, I would like to express our sincerest appreciation and gratitude to all those who have helped us, in one way or another, in the realization of our purpose and pursuit of our aspirations.

To our loving parents, especially to Daddy __________ and Mommy ________, thank you for your unconditional love and sacrifices. Please know that without you and your selfless love, we won’t be where we are today. Maraming salamat po… and we love you.

To our proud guardians, families, friends, administrators, mentors, fellow graduating class, and to all of you, who have been our inspirations to move forward and continue living our dreams, please accept my warmest thanks and humble congratulations.

My fellow candidates, our diploma validates our degree, thinking it as our ticket to a brighter future. Well, let me ask you to think of an alternative: “Let us use it as our ticket to change the world and make a difference.”

Again, congratulations and welcome to the ___ th Commencement Exercise! God bless us all!

Hope this helps! Please do read my next article. Thanks for the visit!