Thursday, August 11, 2016

LOOK: Upside Down Reversible Umbrellas: A 'Good Buy' for Car Owners and 'Octopus Moms' Like Me

Tag-Ulan Problems 101

True enough, I am grateful because I have finally found the answers to my problems especially during rainy days!

1. Coming in the house from the rain is a challenge.

It makes my floors wet, slippery and (sometimes) in a total mess.

2. Getting in and alighting the car has ALWAYS been a dilemma.

It never fails to make me wet. It's really a struggle since I am usually the last person to get inside the car.

3. Opening and closing an umbrella in a crowd makes me worry a lot. 

Since I don't want to hit someone in the head or make him or her wet, I am EXTRA careful.  

The ANSWER: My Newly Bought Upside Down Reversible Double Layer Umbrella

The VERDICT: Super SULIT. A must-have indeed, such a good buy.


Thanks to #SmartUmbrellas. 

Pre-order now at 0912.908.9375!

P.S. Screenshots were taken here. Visit today and catch lots of fun and interesting posts. Thankies!

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