Thursday, January 22, 2009

Be Perfectly Beautiful…

Do you have what it takes to be beautiful? If you feel that you are less beautiful outside, you should not be sorry; real beauty does not end in being pretty and gorgeous. Indeed, it has more regards to your being stunningly beautiful inside.

Here are the simple ways on how we reveal the real beauty within:

Be happy. It is the most basic thing that we all could do to reveal the beauty within. When we are happy, everything just seems so light. We see ourselves in the mirror with that unusual glow – a glow that comes from the inside. This is also what others see. This is what makes us totally beautiful – the way we carry ourselves and the way we live your lives.

Be confident and believe that you are beautiful. Many people say that being beautiful is all in the state of mind. Once we believe that we are strikingly beautiful; then we are. Others will follow. But this is crucial for we should not be full of ourselves. If we do, it can drive away beauty and our friends too. We must stay meek, humble and simple.

Think positive. We all have problems and these challenges are there to make us stronger and better persons. Dwelling on dilemmas simply ruins our outlook in life and therefore, affecting our minds, giving us stress, messing up our lives – and it all ends up to us, feeling less beautiful. Thinking positive reveals the beauty within through providing us with something to hold onto, or something to look forward to. When we expect something good to happen, we tend to prepare for it – thus everything follows.

Have faith. Holding onto HIM is one essential way in revealing the beauty within. It is only in His will that we could be truly beautiful. Peace is in His guidance and love. If we are in His arms, everything will be in its proper places. For Him, we are perfectly beautiful.

Furthermore, it is not difficult to be beautiful. Everything just depends on the choices we make. Options are always available. Be beautiful or not at all? Revealing our true brilliance just requires some good decisions; decisions we make, that may change our lives forever.

Stay healthy, happy and beautiful forever!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

I am a Professional Teacher…

In my five years of teaching in the academe, I believe I have made myself into someone who works with much professionalism, commitment and contentment.

In here, I have included my personal beliefs on how I have consistently become on top and most of all, have been loved by my students. These are the words to which I live by…

Personally, I …

Pray and discern before making decisions – no matter how little or big it is.
Regard and value humility, sincerity and faith.
Appreciate beauty and excellence.
Enjoy serendipity and take chances.
Express sincere gratitude and warm appreciation.
Encourage oneself and learn to motivate others as well.
Share good and inspiring stories.
Give smiles and share laughter.
Inspire and be inspired.
Touch a life.

Professionally, I …

Cherish the nobility of this profession.
Develop a personal trademark.
Strive to make a difference.
Leave an impact to somebody’s life.
Stay positive, humble and smart.
Stand firm for what you believe is religiously right.
Remain fair, credible, reliable and considerate.
Always have a room for improvement.
Establish camaraderie.
Understand and communicate accordingly.
Aspire for continuous professional growth.
Teach by heart.

I may not be a teacher by degree but I am certainly a teacher by heart. Thus, no one can ever change that fact.

They may say that teaching is a very tiring and stressful job because of its demands and paper works.

I say… Yes, it is. But at the end of the day, I know I am blessed because it has been a very rewarding experience. I know I have somehow touched a life and have made a difference in my own little ways. With these, I humbly remain so inspired and fulfilled.

I am a teacher and I do thank God for it each day.

I am also those whose names may not be known or have been forgotten but whose lessons and character will always be remembered in the accomplishments of my students.