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Who is Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre? What Did He Do?

Santiago versus Aguirre
Photo Credit: YahooNews Philippines
Reposting the news:

MANILA, Philippines - Senator-judge Pia Cayetano rose to the defense of her colleague, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, and the Senate impeachment court's decision to hold a prosecution lawyer in contempt on Wednesday.

Cayetano used social media site Twitter to explain the Senate impeachment court's move to punish Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre for covering his ears in public while Santiago was berating the prosecution team anew on Wednesday.

"I was listening intently to Atty Aguirre when the Senate Pres gave him a chance to explain. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he had a valid reason, ie, an ear infection or something that made his hearing sensitive. But instead he was very arrogant," Cayetano said.

She seconded Santiago's motion for the impeachment court cite the private lawyer for contempt after Santiago and Aguirre had a verbal exchange on the Senate impeachment court floor.

"That kind of behavior is clearly direct contempt of court. He could have easily excused himself [from the] court or informed the public prosecutor who he is under. That's why public prosecutors apologized. Every lawyer knows that's not acceptable behavior in court," Cayetano added.

Aguirre, in an interview with TV Patrol on Wednesday night, said he does not regret his actions. "Alam ko po ang ginawa ko, completely I know what I did."

Before the incident occurred, Santiago used the word "gago" to describe the prosecution. The word was later stricken off the record.

"It will be noted that the word "gago" was stricken from the record. This is an accepted practice if unparliamentary words are used," Cayetano said.

She added that "it is common for unprepared lawyers to be scolded" by judges in trial courts. "Lawyers owe respect to the court," she said.

Cayetano also said Aguirre's case differs from the incident involving defense lawyer Jose Roy III, who claimed that the Palace wants to influence the outcome of the Corona impeachment case by giving P100 million each to the senator-judges.

"It will be noted that Atty. Roy immediately apologized. Atty Aguirre did not. In fact, he further insulted the Court," she said.

Cayetano did not mention the allegations that Roy used social media to heap abuse on both senator-judges and prosecutors.

"If lawyers are unprepared and waste the court's time, stern judges really scold them," she reiterated. "And as a final word on this, our Senate rules do cover parliamentary behavior. There have been [complaints] filed in the ethics committee."

Cayetano and Santiago belong to the Nacionalista Party led by Senator Manny Villar, who ran and lost to President Benigno Aquino in the last national elections.

MANILA (Updated) -- Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago said lawyer private prosecutor Vitaliano Aguirre, who was cited in contempt Wednesday, may have been planted in the court room to provoke her.

Aguirre was cited in contempt for covering his ears while Santiago was berating him and other prosecutors. He admitted doing so on purpose because the senator’s voice was "shrill".

But Santiago, in a press statement Wednesday afternoon, said Aguirre "might have been part of a deliberate plot to provoke me."

"The provocation could have been intended to raise my hypertension to an even higher level, precipitating either a stroke or a heart attack. Or, the provocation could have been intended to make me deliberately lose my temper and make a spectacle of myself," said the senator, who has had to miss trial dates due to hypertension.

She said an unnamed member of her staff told her that Aguirre usually sat in the gallery, where "every time I spoke, he would sneer at me very loudly, intending to make him heard by those around him."

But Wednesday afternoon, Aguirre was seated with the rest of the prosecutors. He was caught on television and on Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano's smart phone covering his ears throughout Santiago's tirade against the prosecution.

"What if you were the one speaking and we did that?" Estrada said.

Aguirre did not deny covering his ears, saying "my ears hurt." He said Santiago should also show respect to lawyers as she demands respect from them.

He added that in his 40 years of practice, this was the first time that he saw a judge lectured a lawyer. He then left the court after Santiago told him to leave if he wishes to.

This, however, did not sit well with Santiago, who said the counsel "cannot just make those contemptuous gestures in front of the judge and get away with it."

Santiago even raised her voice and referred to the prosecutors as "gago" (fools) for deciding to withdraw five articles of impeachment lodged against Chief Justice Renato Corona.

"The TV news service of a TV station known to be partial to the administration deliberately panned over this lawyer so that he could be seen on nationwide TV," she said, but did not name the TV station.

"To assure conviction of the defendant, I have been specifically targeted for character assassination and other forms of self-destruction by the culprits. The more my enemies try to persecute and intimidate me, the more I will continue with my present mode of behavior in the impeachment court," she said in her statement.

But the prosecution panel believes Aguirre has the right to express his feelings over the scathing comments of the senator.

“It’s not that we’re tolerating the actions of Aguirre but we believe that he has the right to say or show what he feels,” Deputy Speaker Lorenzo “Erin” Tanada III, one of the spokespersons for the prosecution panel, told reporters in a news briefing after Wednesday’s impeachment trial.

“With all due respect to the impeachment court, although it was stricken off the records, I don’t think a judge calls a fellow member of the bar ‘gago’. We have to respect the feelings of Atty. Aguirre,” he added.

Santiago has been critical of the prosecution panel and has scolded them repeatedly, often with reference to their supposed lack of knowledge of the law.

Among the prosecutors who have been scolded by the senator, an elected judge of the International Criminal Court, are Iloilo Representative Niel Tupas Jr., Northern Samar Representative Raul Daza, Bayan Muna party-list Representative Neri Colmenares, and private prosecutor Arthur Lim.

She has also referred to a member of the House who supposedly lied while testifying under oath and has scored the prosecution spokesmen for discussing developments in the case.

"You're so arrogant, but, really, you are fools," she said Wednesday.

Santiago’s motion to cite Aguirre in contempt Wednesday went unopposed. It was Senator Pia Cayetano who seconded the motion.

Presiding officer and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile said he “cannot tolerate any disrespect of this court and to any member of this court.”

Speaking for the prosecution, Representative Rodolfo Farinas apologized to the impeachment court.

The senators will discuss what penalties to impose on Aguirre in a caucus Tuesday next week.

The private prosecutor will be banned from appearing before the impeachment court in the meantime.

Aguirre served as the lead counsel for Hubert Webb’s defense team. Webb was found guilty in the controversial Vizconde massacre.

He also served as legal counsel for now Supreme Court Chief Justice Bienvenido Reyes in an administrative investigation over a GSIS vs Meralco case.

According to his profile provided by the prosecution, Aguirre was also a legal counsel for Senator Panfilo Lacson and Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City.

Aguirre, 65, graduated valedictorian at San Beda College. He passed the 1971 bar examinations with a rating of 85.25 percent.

Aguirre was a managing partner for Aguirre Cacho & Tuazon Law Firm, Acosta Aguirre & Fernandez Law Firm, Ricafrente Aguirre Sanvicente & Cacho Law Firm, and Robles Ricafrente Nachura & Aguirre Law Firm. (Jonathan de Santos/Kathrina Alvarez/Sunnex)

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Teaching Styles - Your Guide to Effective Teaching

"When planning and developing instructional material, strive for a balance of teaching styles to match the various learning styles." - Felder & Soloman, 1992

Four Basic Teaching Styles

1.Formal Authority: A instructor-centered approach where the instructor feels responsible for providing and controlling the flow of content which the student is to receive and assimilate. The formal authority figure does not concern himself with creating a relationship with the student nor is it important if the students build relationships with each other.

2.Demonstrator or Personal Model: A instructor-centered approach where the instructor demonstrates and models what is expected (skills and processes) and then acts as a coach or guide to assist the students in applying the knowledge. This style encourages student participation and utilizes various learning styles.

3.Facilitator: A student centered approach where the instructor facilitates and focuses on activities. Responsibility is placed on the students to take initiative to achieve results for the various tasks. Students who are independent, active, collaborative learners learners thrive in this environment. Instructors typically design group activities which necessitate active learning, student-to-student collaboration and problem solving.

4.Delegator: A student-centered approach whereby the instructor delegates and places much control and responsibility for learning on individuals or groups of students. This type of instructor will often require students to design and implement a complex learning project and will act solely in a consultative role. Students are often asked to work independently or in groups and must be able to effectively work in group situations and manage various interpersonal roles.

Consider these questions on teaching style
What teaching style do you mainly use?
Does your style facilitate achievement of course goals?
Should you consider new styles or continuations of teaching styles?

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Sulat ng Isang Tatay/Nanay sa Kanyang Anak: An Inspiration and A Blessing

Sulat ng Isang Tatay/Nanay sa Kanyang Anak: An Inspirational Video Made Us Cry

Loving Parents Deserve a Wonderful Treat!

Watching this video made me cry for several times. Whenever I watch this audio-video clip, I see myself in tears.

Hope you would also be touched and be inspired by this video. I will always be grateful to have family, friends and loved ones - my billions and my wealth.

Enjoy! And please pass this on. Share our treasures, our great blessings!

The credit is due to the one who created this video! Kudos! You are indeed a blessing! God bless you more.

Rev. Fr. Ariel Robles - Sa Aking Pagtanda. Father, thanks for touching so many lives. You are a blessing to us. God bless you always!

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Johnriel Casimero and His Team Experience Boxing Riot

Johnriel Casimero: A Humble Filipino Boxer

Fans rioted following a boxing match between Johnreil Casimero and Luis Lazarte in Argentina. A riot broke out this past Friday night, following the conclusion of Johnriel Casimero and Luis Alberto Lazarte’s highly anticipated showdown.

Hubby and I just finished dinner when we saw over the news, State of the Nation by Jessica Soho aired at GMA NewsTV, a certain segment where in our sports icon, and renowned boxer experienced mistreatment and abuse in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Such is highly regarded as inhumane, traumatic and very harsh. So, I went upstairs, ran straight to the computer and wrote a blog right away – having our own ways of helping the ones in the authority to handle this issue and act accordingly. Kakapanginig.

When we saw the video, hubby and I were so dismayed and disappointed on how these individuals, some fans of Luis Lazarte behaved and acted. Being so rude, unruly and destructive, these people only showed how wild, boisterous, offensive and bad-mannered they could be. We were not really generalizing the scenario but seeing the video tormented our hearts. We were in pain when we saw the video.

We believed that such traumatic incident, the riot itself, was considered to be evidences for nastiness, cruelty and brutality – it was very unbecoming to a host country to show such acts to a visitor, respectable sports icon along with his respective team.

Tormenting our hearts, degrading our dignity and demeaning our being Filipinos, this incident should be acted upon accordingly by our government. Hindi natin ito dapat ipagsawalang-bahala. Senator Enrile was so right when he said that we should no longer find time to communicate, interact and transact with people who behave/d and act/ed like that.

Wag palampasin ang ganitong pangyayari. Everybody has to do his or her own share of letting the world know that what his team experienced with those fans were very humiliating and extremely shameful. Shame on those Luis Lazarte's fans! You guys are pathetic!

Our sports icon, Johnriel Casimero as well as his team didn’t deserve this kind of experience and treatment. Literally, you would see chairs flying and being thrown to them. The video was very heart-breaking. Nakakakilabot at nakakapanghina, nakakagigil at nakakainis.

It seems that we would really want to do something but the least thing hubby and I could do was to blog about this. Such was tagged to be a very alarming incident that extreme security should be set and duly extended to the teams so as to prioritize safety and well-being of our heroes.

Indeed, Johnriel Casimero again made us so proud. With humility and kind heart, we salute you. More than your great boxing skills, we admire your meekness and modesty. Kudos, Johnriel Casimero! Cheers! A Filipino indeed. GOD bless you more.

Mommy Mai and Daddy Ren

More inputs:
While the exact starting point of the melee is unclear right now, it appears as though the hometown Buenos Aires fans didn’t take too kindly to the Filipino, Casimero, taking down the Argentinean, Lazarte, in such decisive fashion. They let the folks involved know this much by throwing chairs and a number of items into the ring, before eventually rushing down and joining the action themselves.

Who is Johnriel Casimero? Source:
Born in Ormoc City, the independent component city of Leyte, Johnriel Casimero was a national amateur boxing champion and a Palarong Pambansa gold medalist. As an amateur boxer, he was a standout not only in local fights, but in the national competition as well.

He toured Eastern Visayas, to include the cities of Tacloban and Maasin, as well as those of other regions, and harvested win after win in an extraordinary display of boxing prowess. During his prime as an amateur boxer, Ormoc City was a boxing power in this part of the country.

Nicknamed, Quadro Alas, he won the Philippine Boxing Federation flyweight title by a unanimous decision win over Rodel Quilaton. He defeated Thai boxer Liempetch Sor Veerapol by a fifth found TKO for the WBO Asia Pacific light flyweight title.

In 2009, Casimero won the vacant interim WBO light flyweight title by 11th round TKO over former champion Cesar Canchila of Colombia in Managua, Nicaragua. Canchila went down in the 8th and twice in the 11th after which the referee finally stopped the fight.

In his first title defense, Casimero lost to Ramon Garcia Hirales of Mexico by a split decision in Sinaloa, Mexico, handing Casimero his first defeat.

Casimero attempted at the world title when he challenged Moruti Mthalane of South Africa for the IBF world flyweight crown. He however suffered his second loss by a 5th round TKO at the hands of the South African.

Casimero’s dream was to battle Iván Calderón of Puerto Rico during his prime. The former Ring and WBO light-flyweight champion previously defeated Filipino boxer Rodel Mayol.
Then came the very chaotic victory over Luis Alberto Lazarte in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Nicknamed, El Mosquito, Lazarte suffered his 11th loss with 49 wins and 18 KO’s. Casimero improved his record to 16-2 (10 KOs). It was a 10th round TKO and the crowd ganged up on the Filipino team of Casimero who won the vacant IBF interim light flyweight tile.

It was a show of savagery on the Argentinean fans who got angered by the defeat of their hometown hero. Bottles and chairs rained from fuming fans. Punches were thrown on our countrymen. Argentina is also notorious in the boxing world being known for hometown decisions favoring their own boxers.

It was victory turned into a nightmare for the Ormoc boxer, now trained at the IPI Gym in Mandaue City. For who would expect such a terrible behavior to happen from an unruly Argentinean crowd.

Chaotic it may had been, a victory deserved a celebration. Even if not at the land where Juan Peron once ruled as dictator, but here in our very own hospitable land. Because it’s more fun to celebrate it here in the Philippines. Kudos to Johnriel Casimero!

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Ahcee Flores - Who Are You?

I was browsing the web when I came across YahooNews Philippines YH page: Number 1 Trending today: Ahcee Flores.

So, let us now get to know this person better. I am so disappointed of Ahcee Flores. May the good Lord bless this person and touch his/her heart.
Reposting the news today:

Editor's note: In respecting your opinion, Yahoo! Southeast Asia does not actively moderate comments. Instead, we let the community decide whether or not a comment should remain on the site: that's what the thumbs up or down buttons are for. We also have the Yahoo! Customer Care who handles the "Report Abuses." May this be a reminder to be responsible with your posts and comments.

The earthquake in Visayas was the biggest story of the day. But an unknown Pinoy suddenly rose to online fame—for the wrong reason.

Apart from the hashtags #PrayforPH and #earthquake as trending topics on Twitter Philippines, an unfamiliar name, that of a certain Ahcee Flores, was in the list too.

What did Ahcee Flores do?

Apparently, "Ahcee Flores" posted a comment in Yahoo! Philippines' news story about the earthquake and wished Visayans ill.

“Let us all pray……. Na matuloy ang tsunami para maraming bisaya ang mamatay, para mabawasan ang mga baduy sa pilipinas [I hope the tsunami pushes through so people from Visayas will the outdated will cease].”

Immediately, netizens slammed the hateful comment "by Ahcee Flores", with hate pages against her all over Facebook.Meanwhile, some users have also mobilized and put up a page to throw in their support for the user.

User Anuelle asks her ‘Anong klase kang Pilipino!’ while Holly hits her by posting, “You're as ugly as the words you've spoken. If you can't take the heat for the things you've said, don't post it for the world to see.”

A user named Desan James Rosal meanwhile expressed his anger by posting this comment: “@ Achee Flores alam mo ba kung ano ang sinasabi mo? Pinag dasal mo ang aming kapahamakan dito...”

User Laurence on the other hand chooses to be passive by saying, “wag na lang pansinin walang magawa sa buhay kaya ganyan.”

Some users even posted threats against Ahcee Flores.

The outrage against Ahcee Flores isn’t just on Yahoo! Philippines but on Twitter as well. @icekendy writes “Ahcee Flores must have had a very bad experience with a Bisaya in the past, thus turned her into this monstrous character we all see now” while @jrcastro_castro03 asks people not to give Ahcee Flores ‘the attention that she asks.’

@Posh_Post tweets “Ahcee Flores may be a really sad person” while @CHORVALoOo speaks her mind by posting “We were all scared to death from the #earthquake. Pero ikaw Ahcee Flores nakuha mo pang mgcomment na ganun about sa mga bisaya?! How dare u!” Meanwhile @JESUSGleek takes the high road by tweeting “Don't hate on Ahcee Flores. Pray so his/her heart may be opened :)”

The name Ahcee Flores is still trending on Twitter Philippines, as of 9:20 am Tuesday.

Username Ahcee Flores is not even answering any comments anymore. There are still however some more comments from Ahcee Flores and one of them says, “There is no God, God is a product of illusion from the people who started religion.”

Philippine blogs also took a shot at this issue, including one called "Brain Contour" which did some online snooping and have discovered the real name of the user.

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It's More Fun in the Philippines - Seafood Platter!

Inspired by my love to our country and my deep desire in promoting the beauty and fun of being a Filipina as well as living in the Philippines and savoring life in here, I thought of creating my own 'Internet Meme' as shown in the pic and so I could also make the world know how blessed we are for having our lil Prince, our unico hijo, our dearest Eieo.

Our very sugpo platter. We all love seafood in the family. And when we get a chance to enjoy such, we would surely grab it and indulge in it.

Moments with him are priceless. Indeed, good times are those that we spent with our family, friends and loved ones.

Mommy Myraine

Ang sugpo (Ingles: prawn, giant tiger prawn; Kastila: camaron) ay isang malaking hipon na kamag-anak ng ulang (Ingles: lobster o crayfish). Kabilang ang sugpo sa mga nakakaing crustacean katulad ng mga genus na Peneus, Palaemon, Pandalus at iba pa.

Prawns are decapod crustaceans of the suborder Dendrobranchiata. There are 540 extant species, in seven families, and a fossil record extending back to the Devonian. They differ from other, similar crustaceans, such as Caridea (shrimp) and Stenopodidea (boxer shrimp) by the branching form of the gills and by the fact that they do not brood their eggs, but release them directly into the water. They may reach a length of over 330 millimetres (13 in) and a mass of 450 grams (1.0 lb), and are widely fished and farmed for human consumption.

Grace Lee and President Noynoy Aquino

Grace Lee? Who is that girl?

Grace Lee on Wikipedia:

Grace Lee (Korean: 이경희; born Lee Kyung Hee) is a Korean television host and radio disc jockey working in the Philippines. She is the third Korean expatriate to appear prominently in Philippine television, after Sandara Park, Ryan Bang and her fellow DJs Sam Oh and Jinri Park.
She can speak Tagalog and English in addition to her native Korean.

Early life
Lee was born and raised in Seoul, but moved to the Philippines at the age of 10 because of her father's business, which involved importing Korean cars. She studied from third grade to senior high school at St. Paul College in Pasig City and graduated from Ateneo de Manila University, where she obtained her Communication Arts degree. Before becoming a TV host, she has been hosting events for Korean-Filipino communities as well as being an official interpreter for Malacañang.

Lee planned on becoming a journalist. She sent her résumé to major television studios in the Philippines and received a callback from GMA Network. She landed her first Philippine TV hosting job in March 2007 as a segment host on Q Network’s lifestyle-magazine show "The Sweet Life". Among her first assignments include featuring life in Korea where she gets to wear traditional female garb as well as interviewing prominent Korean celebrities such as Yoon Se Ah of Lovers in Prague and King Sejong the Great drama series.

She recently joined Magic 89.9's morning radio show Good Times With Mo with Mo Twister and Mojo Jojo as a replacement for Andi-9. Lee is also a Manila correspondent for Yonhap Television News in Korea, as well as teaches at the Manila New Life Church's Sunday school for preschool students and takes part in various outreach programs.

Grace Lee hosted a cooking reality show, "Eateria" that aired every Sunday mornings on GMA Network. Lee also hosted "Diz Iz It" that aired 6 days a week on GMA.

She is now a guest segment anchor both for Balitanghali on GMA News TV on weekdays, and 24 Oras Weekend Edition on Saturdays on GMA Network.

She is amazingly beautiful!

Mommy Mai

Photo Credit: Yahoo.OMG!

Grace Lee asks for time, space to get to know PNoy


MANILA, Philippines -- Korean television and radio personality Grace Lee is already gearing up for the birthday of President Benigno Aquino III, who turns 52 on February 8.

"I'm brewing something up, and surprise na lang," Lee told ABS-CBN News in an exclusive interview on Thursday.

"Love? Pwede rin," she said, laughing.

One day after Aquino admitted that he and Lee are seeing each other, the 29-year-old Korean finally agreed to an interview on her budding romance with the bachelor president.

Lee was gracious enough to answer questions after her private meeting with talent manager Arnold Vegafria.

"We are dating. We are starting, so sana everyone will give us time and space to get to know each other more," Lee told ABS-CBN's Mario Dumaual.

She said the first time she met Aquino was during the inauguration of the Korea Electric Power Corp. power plant in Cebu in June last year.

Lee was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea and moved to the Philippines when she was 10 because of her father's business. She finished her high school at St. Paul's College in Pasig City, where she had studied since Grade 3. She studied Interdisciplinary Studies, Communication Arts and Chinese Studies at the Ateneo de Manila University.

Lee actually got to work at Malacañang as an official interpreter in 2005 but she said she never thought that she would one day meet Aquino.

"To be liked by a man who leads the country is very flattering," Lee said. "He's such a gentleman. When he acknowledged it, I think that was out of respect for me."

Lee's manager, Vegafria, said he expects a big change in the life of his talent.

"It is a serious concern. I hope the public will give them space," he said.

Lee, meanwhile, laughed off rumors that Aquino already proposed marriage.

But wherever this relationship may lead, Lee said she is ready for the effects this will have on her life, as well as her family.

"The age gap and racial differences do not matter," she said. "Well, at least whatever we have right now will serve as an inspiration to a lot of people out there." -- With report from Mario Dumaual, ABS-CBN News

Pick Up Lines from Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago: Thumbs Up!

Sen Miriam Defensor Santiago's Funny Pick Up Lines

These funny lines were mainly utilized the pick up lines to draw attention from the students before going to the main theme of her campaign.

Sana naka off ang ilaw, para tayo na lang mag on.

Nakalimutan ko ang pangalan mo eh, pwede bang tawagin na lang kitang akin?

Pagwala ka, buhay ko’y parang lapis na di pa natatasahan, pointless.

Kung magkakaroon ako ng sariling planeta, gusto ko ikaw ang axis nito, para sayo lang iikot ang mundo ko.

Sana FB status ka na lang, para pwede kitang i-like.

Ibenta mo na bahay mo, total nandidito ka na, nakatira sa puso ko.

Sana naka-off ang ilaw, para tayo na lang mag-on.

Noodles ka ba, kasi Lucky Me?

Parang see-saw, pag wala ka, down ako.

Para kang hold-upper, lahat ibibigay ko sayo, wag mo lang akong saktan.

Galing mo din, ano? Di mo pa ko binabato tinamaan mo na ako.

Maglaro tayo ng kahit ano, wag lang taguan, kasi a guy like you is hard to find.

Sana exam mo na lang ako, para sagutin mo rin ako.

Bastos ka rin, ano? Di ka man lang nagpapaalam tuloy-tuloy kang pumasok sa puso ko.

Google ka ba? Lahat kasi ng hinahanap ko, sa'yo ko natagpuan.

Nakalunok ka ba ng kwitis, kasi pag ngumiti ka, may spark

Sen Miriam Defensor Santiago Taray Pick Up Lines:

Hindi ko sinasabing maganda ako, ang sinasabi ko lang pangit ka!

When someone told me “ang ganda mo” ... I answered “sana ikaw rin”

In a swimming pool:
Classmate 1 – I’m sure lulutang ka
Classmate 2 – Bakit dahil payat ako?
Classmate 1 – Hindi, dahil plastic ka

Masasabi mo bang bobo ako, kung ikaw lang naman ang laman ng utak ko.

Sana magkasama tayo sa pila para pag may sumigaw ng “next” at hindi mo narinig tatanungin mo na agad ako kung “Tayo na ba?”

Ako na ang magbabayad ng tuition fee mo, pag aralan mo lang na mahalin ako.

Pangalan mo palang kinikilig na ako, paano pa kaya kung magka apelyido na tayo?

Ang pag ibig ay parang ketchup, matamis pero maraming nakikisawsaw.

Straw ka ba? Kasi sipsip ka na, plastic ka pa.

Laughing out loud. Oh well, what really made us laugh more is the idea that these pick-up lines were from a very strict, terror and respective woman-politician-professor-and-wife. So odd. Applause for this, Madam. :) Aja!

Mommy Myraine