Thursday, December 15, 2011

Learning from You - Living a Lifetime with You

What My Husband Has Taught Me

The sweetest “I love you” is felt. It’s even sweeter than the ones being heard.

All things happen for a reason - even if you have no idea what that reason is at the time. Tests of faith are indeed blessings from Him.

You can be better or bitter. Get that positive outlook at all times.

Life is a choice - as is how you handle the pitfalls along its bumpy road.

Always be happy so you can have the guts to make other people happy. You have to decide or choose to be happy.

Sometimes genuine happiness is found at home.

Learn how to say no and never feel guilty.

Accept what you cannot change.

I’ve just realized that I have learned a lot from him. I just hope he also has learned a lot from me.

And I know there is a lot more to come.

(December 16) Getting married for five years and so much in love more than nine years, hubby and I do not live a perfect married life. We have our own ups and downs, petty quarrels, arguments, misunderstandings, pillow fights, and the like. Though these circumstances do not happen often, we always manage to settle things out or just have it passed by without even saying sorry or anything.

On the brighter side, we believe that after each usual “tampuhan” between a husband and a wife, we tend to be more in love with each other.

And yes, I would always love to wake up each morning with him and our kid/s at my side. Nothing beats the kind of happiness I feel every time I see my loved ones – families, relatives and friends around me.

I will forever look forward to a new morning with you, Dad. As we grow old together, I pray that we live longer, happier and healthier to face each morning – side by side, holding hands.

This is indeed a lifetime for you and me. We’ll grow old together because the best is yet to come.

♥♥♥ Mommy Mai Raine ♥♥♥

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Very Beautiful Prayer on My 28th Birthday

Dear Almighty Father,

I thank You for giving me another year of life, happiness, serenity and good health. I thank You for all the people who have remembered me today, for all the countless blessings you have given me all year round, the achievements, experiences, successes, memories, opportunities and strengths.

I sincerely thank You for the sunshine, for the laughter, and for the gifts of family and friends that remind me of Your loving presence everyday.

I thank You, my dear Savior for all those tests of faith, sorrow and pain that made me stronger and drove me closer to You – trusting You more, holding unto You at all times. These have made us realize how blessed we are and reminded us to always be trusting, grateful and hopeful.

I thank you for another year that has passed and another year blessed with Your kindness and love. Thank You too for touching my life and let me experience Your goodness everyday. The gift of love and life that I receive from You is the greatest blessing that I would be always grateful for.

Forgive me for the times that I have sinned against You and Your will and for the times of failure which indeed reminded me of my own weaknesses and of my strong need for you.

Help me start this special day with a new attitude and plenty of gratitude. Let me make the best of each and every day; to still my mind so that I can hear from You. Lord, help me broaden my mind and faith that I can accept all things You have planned for me.

Bless me with Your wisdom and knowledge that I can share for Your glory. Let me not whine and whimper over things; please keep me safe, secured and pampered as always.

Be with me Lord to give the best response when I’m pushed beyond my limits. I know that when I can’t pray, You listen to my heart. Continue to use me to do Your will and continue to bless me that I may be a blessing to others. Keep me uplifted and inspired that I may have words of encouragement for others.

Lord, I also thank you for your wonderful gifts, my husband, Rainier, our little prince, Eieo and our families, loved ones and friends, and of course my dear students – they all remind me of Your grace and love.

Bless us greatly with Your love, divine wisdom and discernment. Keep us committed and bonded with Your great love; We love because You first loved us.

Bless also our loving families that Your grace and love may pour forth and overflow on them. Let our families be a testament of Your goodness and blessings.

With all that I am, and with all that I have ... I offer my everything, my life to You, my God.

This we pray through Your Son, Jesus Christ.


♥♥♥ Mommy Mai ♥♥♥

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jamich, the YouTube Love Team and Mr. JR Aquino

videokeman mp3
By Chance (You and I) – JRA Song Lyrics

Hubby, Eieo and I were watching Gandang Gabi Vice when a segment on Jamich, Youtube Love Team, was then featured. We actually loved the song and the dance craze. So I decided to watch it on Youtube to see it myself.

Jamich videos are of good quality – pretty faces and cute short films. I browsed the comments and was surprised to read one that mentioned about JRA, copyright and other issues on originality, etc. And so I also did search JRA… I found out that it is JR Aquino. Great job! Thumbs up! Filipinos are indeed talented. Kudos!

JR Aquino (from his FB page) Visit or like him Here...

Basic Information:

Genre: Pop/R&B/Soul

Hometown: Anchorage, AK



JR Aquino, also known as djkeeno (on Youtube), is from Anchorage Alaska. He has been singing since he was “knee-high.” He writes his own lyrics and melodies. He was on American Idol Season 4, and made it to the top 44.

Current Location: Anchorage, AK / New York, NY

General Manager: On G.P. Music


Contact :

Lyrics of By Chance (You and I) – JRA


Girl, you just caught my eye

thought I should give it a try

and get your name and your number

go grab some lunch and eat some cucumbers


I don’t know why.

But you’re smilin’ and it’s something’ I like

on your face, yeah it suits you

Girl, we connect like we have bluetooth

I don’t know why

I’m drawn to you

Could you be the other one so we’d equal two?

And this is all based on a lucky chance

that you would rather add then subtract

You and I

could be like Sonny and Cher

honey and bears

You and I

could be like Aladdin and Jasmine

lets make it happen

La La’s


How’ve you been?

I know that it’s been awhile.

Are you tired ’cause you’ve been on my mind

runnin’ thousand and thousands of miles

Sorry, I know that line’s outta style

but you

you look so beautiful on that starry night

loving the way the moonlight catches your eyes and your smile

I’m captivated

your beauty is timeless never outdated

I don’t know why

I’m drawn to you

Could you be the other one so we’d equal two?

and this is all based on a lucky chance

that you would rather add then subtract

You and I

could be like Sonny and Cher

Honey and bears

you and i could be like Aladdin and Jasmine lets make it happen

la la la


It’s been 5 years since that special day

when I asked you on our first date

I guess it’s safe to say

You and I

are better than Sonny and Cher

Honey and bears

You and I

Are better than Aladdin and Jasmine

We’ve made it happen


Let me say

You look so beautiful on our wedding day

Saturday, December 3, 2011

On My Special Day

I always think that I'm unworthy,
I sin, I lie, I commit mistakes and I sometimes fail to do well.
I frequently forget my Christian duties.
Yet, for unknown reasons, God always lets me feel that I'm being blessed.
I am loved, forgiven and being taken cared of.

I never asked for too much...
I beg for His guidance to make me a good family man.
I beg for His continuous care and mercy.
I beg for wealth that I may be a channel of charity.
I beg for His blessings to the Church, which He had instituted.
The Church where I gain wisdom and directions.
Above all,
I beg that I may not lose my faith in Him.

With all sincerity, I thank God.
I have a loving wife, Mai, and an adorable child, Eieo.
I have a family that I know I can always lean on.
I have a great circle of friends.
I have my mentors.
I have enough skills and knowledge to live and let others live.
I have the capacity to overcome trials and heartaches.
All of these, I have, because of His grace.

I do not know how to pay Him back,
For my life wouldn't be enough to get even with His love.
I am definitely happy and contented living a life like this.
For I know His caring hands will always suffice.

- Daddy Ren