Saturday, December 3, 2011

On My Special Day

I always think that I'm unworthy,
I sin, I lie, I commit mistakes and I sometimes fail to do well.
I frequently forget my Christian duties.
Yet, for unknown reasons, God always lets me feel that I'm being blessed.
I am loved, forgiven and being taken cared of.

I never asked for too much...
I beg for His guidance to make me a good family man.
I beg for His continuous care and mercy.
I beg for wealth that I may be a channel of charity.
I beg for His blessings to the Church, which He had instituted.
The Church where I gain wisdom and directions.
Above all,
I beg that I may not lose my faith in Him.

With all sincerity, I thank God.
I have a loving wife, Mai, and an adorable child, Eieo.
I have a family that I know I can always lean on.
I have a great circle of friends.
I have my mentors.
I have enough skills and knowledge to live and let others live.
I have the capacity to overcome trials and heartaches.
All of these, I have, because of His grace.

I do not know how to pay Him back,
For my life wouldn't be enough to get even with His love.
I am definitely happy and contented living a life like this.
For I know His caring hands will always suffice.

- Daddy Ren

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