Monday, November 28, 2011

MQAPC Joins PACSA 32nd Annual National Convention and Seminar-Workshop

Upholding MQAPC’s core values: integrity, service and excellence, MQAPC’s administrators (Dr. Elena D. Cuvin, College President and Engr. Benjamin Moronia, Jr., College Secretary), campus advisers (Mr. Gerard Gaza, OSA Head and Mrs. Myraine Carluen-Policarpio, MQAPC Scribes Publication Adviser), and student leaders (Desiree Ignacio and Franz Paolo Camargo, SG President and Vice-President respectively, and Robby Camacho, MQAPC Scribes Editor-in-Chief) were the delegates in this annual convention for both campus advisers and student leaders.

The said Philippine Association of Campus Student Advisers (PACSA) 32nd Annual National Convention and a Seminar-Workshop for Campus Advisers and 16th Annual National Convention and Seminar-Workshop for Student Leaders held on November 26-29, 2011 at Teachers Camp, Baguio City had a theme “Leveling up Best Practices in Campus Advising and Student Leadership”.

The following is a list of sessions, aimed towards effective and efficient campus advising and student leadership:

(1) Beyond Expectations in Campus Advising and Student Leadership
(2) Book Smart is Not Enough: Learning the Fundamental Behavioral Competencies – PMAP Advocacy
(3) Environmental Conservation and Protection: Impact of School-Based Programs – Green Peace Phils.
(4) Issues and Concerns in Campus Journalism/Media in Campus Advising and Student Leadership
(5) Transcending Campus Advising and Student Leadership for Nation-Building – BIDAHAN
(6) Think Before You Click: Impact and Prospects of Internet and Other Emerging Forms of Computer-Mediated Communication
(7) Disaster Awareness and Risk Reduction Management: Impact of School-Based Programs

Supported by Atty. Julius Babista, MQAPC-BOT Secretary and PACSA President, this prestigious event and such a fun-learning experience for all the PACSANs has certainly served its purpose and has successfully met its objectives.

Being part of this respected and noble organization aimed towards promoting excellence in campus advising and student leadership, PACSANs went back to their respective schools, colleges and universities with a bunch of new learning experiences, a handful of relevant skill acquisitions and most of all, some unforgettable moments of laughter and friendship.

Truly, MQAPC indeed lives up to its motto: Learning to live life; living life’s learning. This venture has again given the college such a great opportunity to maximize its resources, highlight its strengths and widen its horizons in the attainment of its institutional objectives.


Source: MQAPC SCRIBES (Mrs. Myraine Carluen - Policarpio)

PACSA, a non-profit nationwide organization of campus advisers, is committed to provide opportunities for the development of talents and potentials of campus advisers and students to become effective instruments of total transformation; initiate the love and zeal for knowledge and wisdom through dynamic and well-planned co-curricular programs and activities; exemplify the values of love, peace, unity, harmony, cooperation, and respect for the dignity of the person and the preservation of the environments; and to instill appreciation for and understanding of the country’s cultural and literary heritage while recognizing international change geared towards the acquisition of national identity and global cooperation. # # #

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