Monday, September 29, 2008

Reaping the fruits of what I sow…

Inspiring young minds and touching their lives have been my commitment in this noble profession, my vocation. Teaching in the academe for more than five years has unexpectedly touched my life and has also changed my perceptions on teaching, love, inspiration, and even life.

For ten consecutive semesters and five summers, I have been consistently and dedicatedly teaching grammar, speech, International English, business correspondence, technical writing and research. Handling these subjects over the years, I have met, dealt, communicated and interacted with various teens, adolescents, and youths – my students.

They may have different personalities, individualities and characters but one thing is for sure… they always comment on my teaching methods and strategies – that I indeed make English enjoyable, exciting and a lot fun.

Working with people on their late teens and early or mid twenties makes my profession very special and a lot more challenging. They bring surprises, give me a bundle of joy and put a spice on my professional career.

Expectedly, after each semester, they all end up as my friends; others even become my closest friends and pals. As they range mostly the same with my age and since we are all raised in an environment in the same generation, adjusting has never been an issue. Spending quality time together, during weekends, we enjoy meals at my place, chat a lot, hang out, go to malls and watch movies.

I suddenly realize how fulfilling this profession can be. Needless to say, their words of gratitude simply inspire and complete me. They are my source of strength and inspiration to come to class everyday and work with a smile.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

I am my baby’s greatest fan…

My husband and I are both blessed with a son. We named him Leo Antonio, Eieo for short. We took the names from the names of our late beloved grandfathers, the fathers of our loving mothers.

Leo is from my one and only Lolo Leovigildo, whom I loved so much since I considered him as my dad for almost twenty-five years of my life and existence on earth.

Antonio is from my dear husband’s Lolo Antonio, whom he loved very much since his lolo still knew his name, Ren, despite memory loss and other signs of aging.

I am our son’s greatest fan because I can literally say that I can stare at him and be with him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… without feeling bored and tired.

When my baby started to do his reflexes (that was according to his pediatrician) such as smiling, making faces and lots of facial expressions, he always gives me, my hubby and relatives the bundle of joy that we never felt when he was not with us yet.

Whenever he sleeps, I always love to stare at him, memorizing each line on his face, his facial features and everything.

When he yawns, I always take the chance to smell his breath… for it really smells so good as if his mouth has its own scent.

When I give him a quick yet soothing bath every 9 to 10 a.m., I always love to pamper him with the best, purest and most delicate baby products available in the market.

When he needs to be fed, I breastfeed him a lot. Though most of the times, I know that he still wants to be bottle fed even if he doesn’t say a word. So, I give him both.

These are just some of the million moments we share each day of our mom and son bonding time.

But, when the clock strikes at 7 p.m., I am no longer his greatest fan, it’s now his dad. It is no longer just mom and son bonding time… but, our most-awaited moment, our perfect family bonding.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The W’s and H of Apologizing…

Apology is an expression of repentance or guilt over having said or done something, which is perceived and considered hurtful or detrimental. This also requests for pardon and forgiveness.

For many of us, it is hard to swallow our pride and say, “We are sorry.” If you experience such difficulty in resolving conflicts and arguments brought by hurting words and actions, here are some helpful points to humbly earn forgiveness while you keep your dignity.

  • Discern and reflect. The first thing to do is to realize that what you did was not upright which may either intentionally or unintentionally hurt the other person/party.

  • Mean the words that you say. Therefore, take full account on it. There should be no excuses, no alibis.

  • Consider when, where and how to apologize. These may have effects on correcting mistakes, resolving conflicts and winning forgiveness.

  • Know the exact words to say and express your apology. This can make you more comfortable and at ease. Lesser mistakes, lapses and misunderstanding may occur.

  • Do the apology personally… face to face. Effort may mean something worth appreciating for. This also strengthens both sincerity and honesty.

  • Remember that for a sincere and true apology to be complete, it needs a resolution, a promise or an assurance.

Apologizing may not be as easy as it may seem. However, the fruits of doing so can really bring a lot to you and may change the way you feel, see things and even the way you live.


Words from the Heart

I am sorry for being too emotional,
both demanding and possessive.
I am sorry if I cry a lot…
It is you whom I can’t live without.

I am sorry if I give you sleepless nights…
for each fight and misery…
for the pain and agony…
I am sorry if there’s no serenity.

I am sorry if you think I am immature…
if I always give you pressure…
But please believe me that I love you…
Should I say sorry for that, too?


Monday, September 22, 2008

The Fun of Breastfeeding…

I never thought that breastfeeding could be as painful as what I felt on its first few days or weeks. When I had to breastfeed my child, it even made me shout and cry aloud because it was really painful. I truly admired how my mom tolerated the pain just to feed me with the best milk and give me the nutrients that I greatly needed and deserved.

Despite the pain it brought me, I consistently continue and pursue to give him the milk that he needs. I even made researches on how I can produce more milk. I eat healthy and nutritious foods, fruits and vegetables; drink lots of water; take vitamins or supplements; and, continuous fluid intake.

Needless to say, breastfeeding gives me a good realization of how rewarding and fulfilling motherhood can be – a genuine essence of being not just a caring woman but also a loving mother.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Sixty, Twenty-four, Seven…

When we are blessed with our baby boy, my nights suddenly become memorable and a lot more meaningful.

Despite the fact that I need to stay awake even if it is too late; wake up in the middle of the night for several times to check on his diapers, breastfeed or bottle feed; and, dedicate all my 24 hours to my baby, I still find this very rewarding. With just one smile from my little one, all my stresses would have gone in just a snap of a finger.

Sleeping with my son and my husband is one of the best things that happened to me both as a mom and as a wife. Seeing these two men sleeping beside me is such a great feeling. This also generally explains how happy women can be if they will be blessed with a loving husband and a dear child… just like what I have.

I simply cannot explain how overwhelm I am every time I see my hubby hugging, cradling and singing lullabies to our precious one whenever he arrives home from his office. Our son gives us the bundle of joy that only he can.

With these, I really thank God for letting me feel and experience the bliss, zeal and fulfillment of having a baby.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sudden Change of My Career Paths…

I used to be a career-oriented person. Years back, I worked as a media practitioner – segment producer/head writer of various shows and programs in one of the most prestigious networks in the country.

I was so busy living my life in the limelight and my social life was literally active – meeting different kinds of people, attending several events, doing scripts, editing and proofreading all kinds of write-ups, shootings, tapings, and the likes.

I chose this field of specialization, this career, which was full of adventures, surprises and challenges, simply because I loved doing these stuffs even if this required me 24 hours and seven days a week.

These things happened when I finally realized that I failed to spend quality time with my family. Indeed, this realization had scared and alarmed me so much that I needed to think it over and to find time for discernment. I believed something had gone wrong since I was raised in a family-oriented environment. My family should always be the first on my list, my priority.

With mixed emotions, I resigned from my post though my career was on its peak, and I was consistently receiving promotion, recognition and salary increase.

Then, I took another post from another institution. I worked as a Tertiary English Professor in today’s renowned university. This time, I have committed myself in this noble profession. I have lived my life in teaching grammar, writing, research and speech, touching the lives and hearts of my students, and inspiring young minds.

Though I am not receiving the kind of compensation I used to earn before, I am indeed happier. My moments with my sweet students are one of the reasons to stay inspired and dedicated to this kind of job.

This simply brings me joy, self-satisfaction and fulfillment.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Eieo, Our Son: God’s Greatest Gift…

My husband and I decided to see a medical expert, an ob-gyne with much specialization in high-risk pregnancy and the like. Because of my having an irregularly irregular menstruation, as expected, the findings were hormonal imbalances, polycystic and anteverted uterus… quite hard for us to have a baby as early as we wanted to.

The physician said that in a year or two, we might have a baby if continuous check-ups and medications were observed. Therefore, we started the sessions and took all the risks and chances just to be blessed with a son or a daughter.

On the second month of our marriage, we did undergo certain medication and treatment. This method might mean lots of emotional strength such as faith, patience, hope, determination, and of course, financial stability. We were so serious and eager on this medical work out; weekly check-ups, ultrasound and daily medicine intake.

We really wanted to have a baby. After the long wait, sincere prayers, consistent and determined efforts, we were blessed with a baby. It was December 05, 2007 when we knew that I was five weeks pregnant. Right after knowing the great news, we – grateful and overwhelmed, ran to the church, religiously thanked God and praised Him with all our hearts. What a very nice gift from God!

We just realized that most of the good things that happened to our lives as individuals and as a couple came on the cold and sweet month of December. We were both born in December, got married, and most of all, we learned that we had a baby boy all on the same month.

We could not explain how happy we were. He simply brings us the joy that only he can.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Guidelines for HUSBANDS…

How can a wife love her husband…
more than she can ever do and give …
more than he can ever feel and think of…

She must feel that she is prioritized, appreciated,
and most of all, LOVED.
He should always make her happy, secure and fulfilled.

Here are some pointers that a husband should always consider not just to feel loved by his wife but also to give her much joy, confidence and fulfillment. Therefore, HUSBAND, you must:

Recognize and meet her needs.

Loving your wife doesn’t necessarily mean that you recognize and meet all her needs nor assure her that you will give whatever she asks for: her wants, desires and necessities.

Many husbands deeply and sincerely love their wives yet unintentionally or unconsciously fail to consider that these women have such needs, which are not being met.

Since you love you wives, I believe you are also interested in recognizing and meeting all their needs.

The biggest needs, I supposed, that are often and most likely overlooked are the needs for communication, emotional support, sexual drive satisfaction, and companionship.

Make her a partner in your marriage.

Marriage is such a wonderful and beautiful relationship, which involves two persons who work, bind and become as one. The husbands have the responsibility in decision-making, but it doesn’t take the wives away in and out of the scenario.

Your wife has her own skills and abilities and you are to motivate, encourage her to make use of these traits in the most productive, practical and efficient way. Teamwork in marriage, that really works.

With these things in mind, heart and action, I passionately believe that these would make most marriage ties stronger and last long, even for a lifetime. Indeed, this can make happier homes that their families can surely enjoy.


Monday, September 1, 2008

I am not an accident…

I am not an accident. My birth was no mistake or mishap and my life was not a just coincidence. My parents may not have planned me but God definitely did. He was not at all surprised by my birth. In fact, he expected it.

Indeed, long before I was conceived by my mom and my biological dad, I was first conceived in the mind of God.

It is neither fate, luck, coincidence nor chance – that I am breathing at this very moment. I am alive because God wanted to create me.
The Bible says, ”The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me.”

These are just some of the learning I had from one of my favorite inspirational books, The Purpose Driven Life by Mr. Rick Warren.

These lines were perceived and learned from its Day Two. These words have taken away my grudges, bitterness and resentment over my biological father. Most of all, these words of wisdom and reality have encouraged me to pursue and continue what I am doing right now, to be inspired and feel so blessed, and to keep on breathing with much optimism, love, determination and courage.