Monday, September 22, 2008

The Fun of Breastfeeding…

I never thought that breastfeeding could be as painful as what I felt on its first few days or weeks. When I had to breastfeed my child, it even made me shout and cry aloud because it was really painful. I truly admired how my mom tolerated the pain just to feed me with the best milk and give me the nutrients that I greatly needed and deserved.

Despite the pain it brought me, I consistently continue and pursue to give him the milk that he needs. I even made researches on how I can produce more milk. I eat healthy and nutritious foods, fruits and vegetables; drink lots of water; take vitamins or supplements; and, continuous fluid intake.

Needless to say, breastfeeding gives me a good realization of how rewarding and fulfilling motherhood can be – a genuine essence of being not just a caring woman but also a loving mother.



Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

How admirable you are breastfeeding your baby and doing the most natural thing in the world. Good for baby and great bonding time for mom. I wish it didn't hurt. I never breastfed my babies and can see what I missed out on.

Hugs, JJ

Just like me ... said...

hello there ... just to give you some hope it took m three months to get breast feeding right with my first born ... it was hard, painful and difficult.

I persisted and fed him right thru my second pregancy.

I then tandem fed both boys for over 12 months. My first finished with boobie at about 3 1/2 years.

Breast feeding my second while still feeding my first was much easier.

My second gave up the boobie at around 2yrs 6mths.

Worth the effort - many hugs and good wishes for your continued efforts - cheers le

Elaine said...

When I first started breastfeeding my nipples bleed, and I was told to stop by the lactation consultant... to which I kind of ignored. I allowed my daughter to continue to "try" while pumping to help, after a month "we" finally got the hang of it and breezed through a whole year. I've also breastfeed my 2nd, my son, with no problems! So good for you! Keep sticking to it and staying healthy! Oh and if you weren't already aware, Fenugreek is a great supplement that helps promote milk production and makes you smell like maple syrup!

Mainframeguy said...

Yes, I know I am a man, butI do believe the pain spectrum varies totally - from intolerable to incredibly PLEASUREable rather then PAINful.... Though it is still fine to admire your mother!

Daddy said...

Hi. I am a daddy, so can't say that I understand the pain but I do understand the stress my wife is going through. Ryan is 4.5 months old now and my wife is still giving him breast milk. Since he was prematured, we have been expressing the milk and feed him using the bottle. It's painful nevertheless and I've seen my wife's nipple cracked and bled. So heartsick. Keep it up mommy. Breastmilk is still the best milk for our young ones.