Sunday, September 7, 2008

Guidelines for HUSBANDS…

How can a wife love her husband…
more than she can ever do and give …
more than he can ever feel and think of…

She must feel that she is prioritized, appreciated,
and most of all, LOVED.
He should always make her happy, secure and fulfilled.

Here are some pointers that a husband should always consider not just to feel loved by his wife but also to give her much joy, confidence and fulfillment. Therefore, HUSBAND, you must:

Recognize and meet her needs.

Loving your wife doesn’t necessarily mean that you recognize and meet all her needs nor assure her that you will give whatever she asks for: her wants, desires and necessities.

Many husbands deeply and sincerely love their wives yet unintentionally or unconsciously fail to consider that these women have such needs, which are not being met.

Since you love you wives, I believe you are also interested in recognizing and meeting all their needs.

The biggest needs, I supposed, that are often and most likely overlooked are the needs for communication, emotional support, sexual drive satisfaction, and companionship.

Make her a partner in your marriage.

Marriage is such a wonderful and beautiful relationship, which involves two persons who work, bind and become as one. The husbands have the responsibility in decision-making, but it doesn’t take the wives away in and out of the scenario.

Your wife has her own skills and abilities and you are to motivate, encourage her to make use of these traits in the most productive, practical and efficient way. Teamwork in marriage, that really works.

With these things in mind, heart and action, I passionately believe that these would make most marriage ties stronger and last long, even for a lifetime. Indeed, this can make happier homes that their families can surely enjoy.



Diesel said...

Conversly, men need similar from their wives/partners.
It is all too easy for society (women) to recognise the difficiencies in men when it comes to providing either emnotionally or physically (or both) for a woman, but it so often goes overlooked when women are not providing the same for their husbands/partners.
This is a great shame since a relationship/marriage requires the love and effections of both partners to work, yet as I already mentioned, the onus is always on the man to be the provider of all that you listed in your post.

chess addict said...

A very nice post. It will help somebody.

Carol Bardelli said...

Relationships are built on give and take, and sacrifice. But you can't make someone else happy if their not already happy within themselves. True self esteem isn't based on someone else's actions.

Doug Kueffler said...

Good post. This reminds us that marriage takes effort; nothing must be taken for granted.

Sea Coral said...

My thoughts are that there are many truths in this blog and the comments, but I also think it is very,very important to listen to each other.
Yes, we are responsible for our own feelings, but in a relationship we need to feel confident that our partner listens to what we need to express and not judge us, even if it is a feeling of neglect or not respected for who we really are,perhaps not providing or living up to our partners expectations.
Share your thoughts without judgment!
Blessings and Take Care!