Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sudden Change of My Career Paths…

I used to be a career-oriented person. Years back, I worked as a media practitioner – segment producer/head writer of various shows and programs in one of the most prestigious networks in the country.

I was so busy living my life in the limelight and my social life was literally active – meeting different kinds of people, attending several events, doing scripts, editing and proofreading all kinds of write-ups, shootings, tapings, and the likes.

I chose this field of specialization, this career, which was full of adventures, surprises and challenges, simply because I loved doing these stuffs even if this required me 24 hours and seven days a week.

These things happened when I finally realized that I failed to spend quality time with my family. Indeed, this realization had scared and alarmed me so much that I needed to think it over and to find time for discernment. I believed something had gone wrong since I was raised in a family-oriented environment. My family should always be the first on my list, my priority.

With mixed emotions, I resigned from my post though my career was on its peak, and I was consistently receiving promotion, recognition and salary increase.

Then, I took another post from another institution. I worked as a Tertiary English Professor in today’s renowned university. This time, I have committed myself in this noble profession. I have lived my life in teaching grammar, writing, research and speech, touching the lives and hearts of my students, and inspiring young minds.

Though I am not receiving the kind of compensation I used to earn before, I am indeed happier. My moments with my sweet students are one of the reasons to stay inspired and dedicated to this kind of job.

This simply brings me joy, self-satisfaction and fulfillment.



Farrah said...

I "kind of" know where you are coming from. Last March I left a job I had for 7 years because of the high stress it caused me and my family. The sad part was that I was working from home in the last 2 years thinking I'd be better for my family since I was home more but in actuality I was working nearly 60 hours a week instead of the 40. Although today I am looking for a new career to help support my family financially, I've learned that I want to do something that I have a passion for that won't interfere with the precious time with my family. There will come a day I won't get the opportunity to be with my 3 children as I know one day they will find other things, people, and places. Thanks for sharing and I know that knowing you inspire another has got to be the most amazing feeling and the richness is not found in the finances but in the heart.

Farrah from...

Tom Thorne said...

Taking a pay cut is a hard choice but it does work out better if your happier with your new occupation. On the other hand, I was a manager of a department for 3 years. I am no longer a manager but I do not miss it. The stress on management in corporate america today is just criminal.

inyang said...

i salute you for this brave decision. i wish i can do this too. and soon! my kids are already growing up and i can tell that they really need me to spend more time with them now. but i'm still giving myself 3 more years.