Friday, July 25, 2008

A Memo of a Child to His Parents

This write-up can be very helpful to parents in raising their children the way these kids want it to be. Hence, this can also be a way to establish good relationship and to strengthen rapport among their offspring.

Well, I hope this really could help you out.

What a child has to say to his parents…

Do not spoil me. I know so well that I should not always have everything that I want. Sometimes, I am just testing you so I ask for anything under the sun just to see how far you will go in spoiling me. Please never be afraid to be strict with me. I actually prefer such because it simply gives me sense of security.

Do not allow me to have bad habits. I do not always know what is good or bad. Never make me feel “smaller” than I am. When you always treat me like a little child, I will keep on acting as one. Please treat me as though I were older than I really am. Then, I will try to live up with your expectations. Indeed, it is a big challenge for me to grow up.

Do not correct me in front of other people. It will only make me feel so ashamed and little bit rebellious. I will appreciate it more and pay much attention if you will talk to me reasonably and in private. Don’t always make me feel that my mistakes are crimes and sins. However, don’t protect me from the consequences of my mistakes. Sometimes, I need to learn the hard and painful way. You don’t help me grow when you are overprotective.

Don’t be inconsistent for that makes me feel so confused and eventually start to lose my trust in you. Please do not tell that my worries and fears are silly. They are terribly real to me even if they don’t seem real to you. What I simply want you to do are just to lend a listening ear, and hopefully, an understanding mind.

Kindly refrain from telling me that you are perfect… that you never make mistakes because I know that you do. Besides, I don’t need nor want a perfect parent. Instead, I want you to be you… loving and understanding. If you will admit you’re wrong at times or if you will apologize for such mistake and shortcoming, don’t ever think that it lessens your self-esteem and my respect to your being my parent. In fact, you surprisingly make me feel so warm and loving when you do all these things with sincerest love and deepest concern.

These are just some of the pointers that can really make us bond so well. But, believe me mom and dad when I say that I am indeed overwhelmed to have you as my guardians, providers and advisers – my loving parents… God’s greatest gift to me.

I love you so much, Mom and Dad. Thanks for the unconditional love that you have given me. These words may not be enough but I mean it, my heart simply means it, too.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Live Longer…

Do you know that every time you get mad, you unconsciously shorten your life? Yes, you do. Same thing happens when you get irritated, depressed, weary, hopeless, and feeling bad and unhappy.

Likewise, when you tell a lie, you cheat or steal, you hate or hurt someone, you badmouth, and you pull someone down, you shorten your life.

Every time you are greedy and guilty, you think bad thoughts, you fear, you do not forgive, you don’t care and share, you make your life shorter.

Thus, when you abuse yourself either physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, and even if you just eat junk or unhealthy foods, you again shorten your precious life.

On the other light, every time you love, smile and feel good, you amazingly make your life longer.

After all, having a very strong faith in God, to oneself and to others, living with happy thoughts, positive outlook, and the right attitude, and filling your days with gratitude not just make you and other people live longer but also prolong the time you may spend with your loved ones – your family, relatives, friends, and acquaintances.

Ironies and Contradictions

One somehow contradicts the other…

This world is full of ironies and contradictions. Even in the smallest things, you could simply notice that one idea, event, belief or the likes contradicts the other. Well, take these quotations, which I have collected, as examples.

Practice makes perfect but nobody’s perfect.

Take your time but remember time is gold.

Follow your heart, just be considerate with others.

Though opposite attracts, birds with the same feathers flock together.

Honesty is the best policy but the truth really hurts.

Love is setting free while others say that you must not let your special someone go for you will never find someone like him again nor never feel the same emotions.

You should neither wait nor look for love for it will come to your door, knocking unexpectedly, but remember love comes to those who are waiting, hoping and believing.

Aren’t these things so mind-boggling? Well, just a piece of advice. Do what you think and feel is right. After all, life is what you make it. Don’t live by these rules alone. Simply, pray and trust God.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blog Disclaimer

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Since I started to fall in love with words and letters and as writing becomes my passion, I just caught myself so hooked with reading and writing about life’s struggles and triumphs. Aside from the comfort, fun, relaxation and satisfaction that they may give me not only as a writer but also as an individual, it simply helps me realize how wonderful life really is... in spite of everything and despite of anything that may come along its way.

Basically, the life’s ups and downs of different people have always touched my heart and have inspired me so much. Learning from these inspiring stories is only the icing on the cake. What makes it more significant and really interesting is the way how I understand all the perspectives of life, the person himself as well as his situation.

Knowing each and every person’s experiences either through a conversation or a dialogue with him/her is as good as reading a novel, a book or any related reading materials or articles.

Interacting, communicating and dealing with other people – be it through the use of pen or mouth, are some of the helpful ways to relate with them and their lives as well. Listening to their stories makes me value life than usual and be more thankful for the countless blessings that I have received.

Thus, I have committed my free time to write feature articles and narratives about life’s stories of trials and successes. It is my own way of passing the knowledge and learning that I have taken from other people’s daily practices and experiences.

More so, these encouraging stories cannot only make the readers cry but also can find time to have some realizations and eventually, can get as far as making a difference… something that can change their lives forever.