Friday, May 29, 2009

How I Live My Life

I always try to live my life as if it were my last…

I work hard to live life to the fullest – trying to make the most out of everything.

I participate and practice this environmental and developmental campaign on waste segregation: I reuse, reduce and recycle.

I see to it that I appreciate the beauty of life as well as its challenges, trials and complexities.

I practically celebrate parenthood and womanhood in many ways I know and possibly can.

I strive hard to reward and thank someone everyday – making him/her feel the love and care I have.

Most of all, I always seek the guidance and grace of our dear Lord through my little prayers and heartfelt service to Him and to His people.

Everyday is indeed a miracle, a blessing and a new hope for everyone.

Let us all start our day right and begin to experience the kind of life HE wants us to have and work hand-in-hand to be the same person HE plans and designs us to be.

Celebrate life and be the BEST that WE truly can.

Have a blessed and beautiful life today, tomorrow and forever!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

What We Can Do Today…

Give thanks and praises.
Celebrate HIS goodness.
Be a grateful servant, follower and friend.

To Ourselves…
Help and LOVE one another more.
Understand the circumstance.
Make each gift a perfect blessing.
Live life to the fullest and be the ONE that HE wants us to be.

To Others…
Pass the GOOD DEEDS on.
Thank them for all the support and love.
Let them know that they are real blessings and gifts from above.
Make them feel that they are loved and special – the angels in human disguise.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank You


We have realized how blessed and loved we are…
We have appreciated life, family, friends and fellows more…
We have experienced serenity and joy despite of what had happened…

We have moved on…
We have surpassed this test of faith…
We have survived this trial…

All because of Him and You

To all of YOU who…

have extended a helping hand…
have shown extra care, concern and support in many ways…
have said and done encouraging words and actions…
have touched our hearts and changed our lives…
have made a difference to all of us…

A million thanks. No words can ever express how thankful and grateful we are; thus, we can only pledge and assure you that we will certainly pass the good deeds on.

Thank you and may HE always shower all his blessings to you and your family.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

What We Only Have Right Now

Faith in HIM.
Unconditional Love.


Peace of Mind.

Each Other’s Lending Hands.
Our Little Prince’s smiles, hugs and kisses.

In these tough times, we are thankful that we still have each other as well as all those people whom we can always depend on. After all, having all of them is more than enough – such a wonderful and overwhelming blessing from up above. Cheers!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Everything Has Turned into Ashes

It was a gloomy Thursday afternoon of May 7 when a traumatic incident happened to my hubby and son along with our extended families.

Around 4 p.m., when we were about to take a nap, I found a smoke coming from somewhere along the hallway. I shouted and ran – telling my hubby that there was smoke. He ran out of our room holding our little prince and sweet little niece so tight. Then, he gave me our little Eieo, went out and asked for help. My sister and I ran out of our house calling our uncle.

Little did we know that the fire had already horribly taken my aunt’s house; we didn’t notice it because there was no fire or any doubting smell at all, merely smoke. Witnesses and fire prevention specialists eventually told us that the fire hid in our ceilings – once freed, the fire burnt it all.

When I alone got back inside to get my cellphone, I could hardly breathe. The black and suffocating smoke invaded our house. I ran inside our room, grabbed my phone and looked around to supposedly save more things. But it was too late. When I was about to do that, my uncle shouted a warning, to run outside because the fire was already in our stockroom. I wasn’t able to get anything except my cell. My uncle, our two neighbors and I ran fast, saving only ourselves.

Just right in time, when we were able to get out, our home sweet home collapsed. If we were late for even a couple of seconds, we might be trapped and indeed gone by now. Well, my hubby didn’t know I got back; God is really good. He knows it wasn’t our time yet; we still have missions and dreams to fulfill.

Having some few steps away, we again looked back and witnessed all our houses, properties and things being eaten by wildfire. That moment, we cried as we began to lose hardly-earned money, assets and possessions. My hubby just hugged me and said that we could make this through because God is with us. We were so thankful that everybody was safe and secured.

After a couple of hours, the firemen said that it was under control. Though my family felt quite sad and depressed of what had happened to us, we never – not in an instance, asked God why. We were certain that HE has better plans.

We are optimistic that though we were left with nothing, we can truly survive this traumatic incident and indeed pass this test of faith.

Thanks to Jay-R Sia, our dear friend, for allowing me to use his laptop to make this post.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Proud to be a Filipino

If in each of my fights, the FILIPINO people are united, then I will fight everyday." - Manny Pacquiao

His statement has just made me smile and has touched my heart, too.

Actually, when it would be Manny Pacquiao's fight over another equally good boxer, Filipino from different walks of life who live in different ways and means, and of all ages would surely take a break, pause for a while, and watch - stopping us from anything that we do. Fellowmen, quite true, right?

Either we would watch with family, loved ones, friends, workmates, and even with people we barely know, we would surely shout out loud, cheer, smile, jump and be somehow crazy over his performance - sharing thoughts about how good Manny is.

Personally, whenever I see people around with that kind of scenario, I suddenly felt happy, proud and grateful.

Indeed, this kind of event has made US one... united, overwhelmed and inspired! Thanks for such remarkably amazing instances... Cheers!

Blogger's note: Acknowledgment to Hari ng Sablay. You have just inspired me to write this post. Yours are great, too. Keep it up, friend.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Smoking Can Kill You!

Smoking... a vice, a habit, an addiction, a killer.

Cigarette smoking is dangerous to anybody's health - regardless how seldom or often you smoke. This can certainly put your health at risks - making your family, loved ones and friends worry a lot.

I know you definitely don't want to die young; I am even certain that you want to live longer to allow you enjoy more quality time with your loved ones.

So, if you wish to live a longer, healthier and happier life, engage in some stop smoking hypnosis techniques today and experience the joy of living life to the fullest!

Have a healthier lifestyle!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Cum Laude…

Cum laude is a Latin term used to indicate a high level of academic distinction at the time of graduation – when such academic degree is satisfactorily earned. Along with other academic honors, it is used all over the world and with no particular standard system and policies on how it is used; universities and colleges decide how to award honors on an individual basis.

Ideally, to graduate cum laude, a student must maintain excellent grades, good overall academic performance, complete a supplemental citations and recognitions on his thesis, and participate in honors courses.

With Honor or with Praise…

Grateful to God, to my family and to my inspiration, I graduated CUM LAUDE (academic degree: AB Mass Communication Major in Journalism). It was the 26th day of April of year 2004 when I received my most rewarding academic distinction – the fruits of my hard works, sleepless nights, overnight group study, and many more. That day was overwhelming as I made not just myself but most of all, my loving mom as well as all my loved ones the kind of pride, joy and recognition we all truly deserve.

Graduating from one of the most prestigious STATE Universities here in the Philippines, this has given me the privileges to choose the company that I am going to work with; to negotiate compensations and benefits; and to also have the freedom on the kind of working loads and schedule I am supposed to have.

Briefly, at the age of 25, I was able to get connected with four different institutions – the Office of the Philippine President, the Manila Bulletin (the country’s developmental broadsheet), ABC 5 and IBC 13 (production companies, networks), and Our Lady of Fatima University. In my stay in these institutions, I must say that I have been well-compensated not just financially but most of all, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. To sum it all, I really had a great time working for them and with the kind of colleagues I have had.

Over the years, such privilege, acknowledgment and recognition have never diminished. Until now, I still reap the fruits of graduating with flying colors. From time to time, I still get praises, acknowledgment, recognitions and the likes from different people. With all these things that I am experiencing, I must say that it is all worth it.

I am proud to be a CUM LAUDE.

Thus, I am more fulfilled to say that I am now a proud Filipino blogger, a part-time professor, online journalist and web content writer, a full-time mom and a loving wife. For me, these experiences are much more rewarding than anything else – trying to serve my purpose and become that someone GOD has planned and designed me to be.

To all the graduates, congratulations and good luck.