Friday, May 29, 2009

How I Live My Life

I always try to live my life as if it were my last…

I work hard to live life to the fullest – trying to make the most out of everything.

I participate and practice this environmental and developmental campaign on waste segregation: I reuse, reduce and recycle.

I see to it that I appreciate the beauty of life as well as its challenges, trials and complexities.

I practically celebrate parenthood and womanhood in many ways I know and possibly can.

I strive hard to reward and thank someone everyday – making him/her feel the love and care I have.

Most of all, I always seek the guidance and grace of our dear Lord through my little prayers and heartfelt service to Him and to His people.

Everyday is indeed a miracle, a blessing and a new hope for everyone.

Let us all start our day right and begin to experience the kind of life HE wants us to have and work hand-in-hand to be the same person HE plans and designs us to be.

Celebrate life and be the BEST that WE truly can.

Have a blessed and beautiful life today, tomorrow and forever!


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Anonymous said...

That's a great way to live your life :)