Friday, May 15, 2009

Everything Has Turned into Ashes

It was a gloomy Thursday afternoon of May 7 when a traumatic incident happened to my hubby and son along with our extended families.

Around 4 p.m., when we were about to take a nap, I found a smoke coming from somewhere along the hallway. I shouted and ran – telling my hubby that there was smoke. He ran out of our room holding our little prince and sweet little niece so tight. Then, he gave me our little Eieo, went out and asked for help. My sister and I ran out of our house calling our uncle.

Little did we know that the fire had already horribly taken my aunt’s house; we didn’t notice it because there was no fire or any doubting smell at all, merely smoke. Witnesses and fire prevention specialists eventually told us that the fire hid in our ceilings – once freed, the fire burnt it all.

When I alone got back inside to get my cellphone, I could hardly breathe. The black and suffocating smoke invaded our house. I ran inside our room, grabbed my phone and looked around to supposedly save more things. But it was too late. When I was about to do that, my uncle shouted a warning, to run outside because the fire was already in our stockroom. I wasn’t able to get anything except my cell. My uncle, our two neighbors and I ran fast, saving only ourselves.

Just right in time, when we were able to get out, our home sweet home collapsed. If we were late for even a couple of seconds, we might be trapped and indeed gone by now. Well, my hubby didn’t know I got back; God is really good. He knows it wasn’t our time yet; we still have missions and dreams to fulfill.

Having some few steps away, we again looked back and witnessed all our houses, properties and things being eaten by wildfire. That moment, we cried as we began to lose hardly-earned money, assets and possessions. My hubby just hugged me and said that we could make this through because God is with us. We were so thankful that everybody was safe and secured.

After a couple of hours, the firemen said that it was under control. Though my family felt quite sad and depressed of what had happened to us, we never – not in an instance, asked God why. We were certain that HE has better plans.

We are optimistic that though we were left with nothing, we can truly survive this traumatic incident and indeed pass this test of faith.

Thanks to Jay-R Sia, our dear friend, for allowing me to use his laptop to make this post.



Bart Tolina said...

Punta ka sa blog ko at may libreng pagkain!

rollyocampo said...

I'm happy to see you praising God in spite of the devastating loss, Myraine. Many people would not have been able to cope.

I pray that God will restore tenfold what you have lost as quickly as it can be done and, in His faithfulness, bless you and your family as you've never been blessed before. Praise be to God!

armywife65 said...

OMG! that is terrible. I'm so sorry for you and your family. I'm so glad that all of you made it out safely.
I know that all your belongings and memories were inside, but the main thing is you ALL got out alive and safe.
I always try to keep most of my pictures online so that I will have them just in case something happens. I also try to keep most of my memories and treasures in the garage or storage shed in metal trunks.
Just a suggestion for the future, just in case.
Good luck with all of you.
I wish the best

tozcal2009 said...

It is so good, you could save your loved ones and yourself during the fire. Sometimes, there is a message portrayed by a disaster. We had fires in Tenerife as well as on other Canary Islands, not long ago. People were not sleeping, while so worried.
All this is meaningless compared to what you had to endure.