Friday, May 1, 2009

Cum Laude…

Cum laude is a Latin term used to indicate a high level of academic distinction at the time of graduation – when such academic degree is satisfactorily earned. Along with other academic honors, it is used all over the world and with no particular standard system and policies on how it is used; universities and colleges decide how to award honors on an individual basis.

Ideally, to graduate cum laude, a student must maintain excellent grades, good overall academic performance, complete a supplemental citations and recognitions on his thesis, and participate in honors courses.

With Honor or with Praise…

Grateful to God, to my family and to my inspiration, I graduated CUM LAUDE (academic degree: AB Mass Communication Major in Journalism). It was the 26th day of April of year 2004 when I received my most rewarding academic distinction – the fruits of my hard works, sleepless nights, overnight group study, and many more. That day was overwhelming as I made not just myself but most of all, my loving mom as well as all my loved ones the kind of pride, joy and recognition we all truly deserve.

Graduating from one of the most prestigious STATE Universities here in the Philippines, this has given me the privileges to choose the company that I am going to work with; to negotiate compensations and benefits; and to also have the freedom on the kind of working loads and schedule I am supposed to have.

Briefly, at the age of 25, I was able to get connected with four different institutions – the Office of the Philippine President, the Manila Bulletin (the country’s developmental broadsheet), ABC 5 and IBC 13 (production companies, networks), and Our Lady of Fatima University. In my stay in these institutions, I must say that I have been well-compensated not just financially but most of all, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. To sum it all, I really had a great time working for them and with the kind of colleagues I have had.

Over the years, such privilege, acknowledgment and recognition have never diminished. Until now, I still reap the fruits of graduating with flying colors. From time to time, I still get praises, acknowledgment, recognitions and the likes from different people. With all these things that I am experiencing, I must say that it is all worth it.

I am proud to be a CUM LAUDE.

Thus, I am more fulfilled to say that I am now a proud Filipino blogger, a part-time professor, online journalist and web content writer, a full-time mom and a loving wife. For me, these experiences are much more rewarding than anything else – trying to serve my purpose and become that someone GOD has planned and designed me to be.

To all the graduates, congratulations and good luck.



Stephen said...

proud to have a blogger friend like you. :D

mayanne said...

Hi ma'am. I just want to say keep up the good work. Nice blog. You have inspired me especially with this article. So please continue on what you are doing.

By the way I'm Mary Anne Yabut of BSIT 1Y1-2 :)