Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Child is Indeed a Blessing

OUR Little Prince...

Leo Antonio has just turned eight months. Over those months that he has been with us, my hubby and I are proud to say that he has the power to touch hearts and lives not just ours but also other people’s.

Whenever he smiles to anyone, a heavy and worried heart suddenly becomes light and happy.

Whenever he giggles, a tired and exhausted body magically becomes energized and recharged.

Whenever he laughs out loud, a confused and troubled mind immediately turns out to be clear and calm.

At a very young age, you have made a lot of people smile, stay happy and pleased. That is good, son. You need to have the guts to make other people happy. We pray that you become that kind of person GOD has planned and designed you to be.

Overwhelmed and grateful, we are inspired and committed in raising him as a better person – God-fearing and a good Christian.

We love you, son! You just do not know how you have changed your dad’s life and mine too. We certainly thank HIM for sending you to us.


Amal Bose said...

quite true..
the innocent smile or giggle of a small child can of wonders..
there is no doubt u would be proud


ang cute cute nman ng baby...nkakatuwa nman,hehe

smeday i'll make one,hehe

Aimee said...

kids really are cute and their kakulitan makes them more cute talaga... a child's smile is the most beautiful of all kasi you know they're genuine XD

Lilian said...

u have a cute baby...remember mine to when she was at his age starting to be naughty and happy to see her growing to be a healthy child. happy baby sitting.. its always a wnderful and exhausted to be a mom.

Maristela Diaz said...

your family is indeed blessed to have your son...