Sunday, July 20, 2008


Since I started to fall in love with words and letters and as writing becomes my passion, I just caught myself so hooked with reading and writing about life’s struggles and triumphs. Aside from the comfort, fun, relaxation and satisfaction that they may give me not only as a writer but also as an individual, it simply helps me realize how wonderful life really is... in spite of everything and despite of anything that may come along its way.

Basically, the life’s ups and downs of different people have always touched my heart and have inspired me so much. Learning from these inspiring stories is only the icing on the cake. What makes it more significant and really interesting is the way how I understand all the perspectives of life, the person himself as well as his situation.

Knowing each and every person’s experiences either through a conversation or a dialogue with him/her is as good as reading a novel, a book or any related reading materials or articles.

Interacting, communicating and dealing with other people – be it through the use of pen or mouth, are some of the helpful ways to relate with them and their lives as well. Listening to their stories makes me value life than usual and be more thankful for the countless blessings that I have received.

Thus, I have committed my free time to write feature articles and narratives about life’s stories of trials and successes. It is my own way of passing the knowledge and learning that I have taken from other people’s daily practices and experiences.

More so, these encouraging stories cannot only make the readers cry but also can find time to have some realizations and eventually, can get as far as making a difference… something that can change their lives forever.

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