Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ironies and Contradictions

One somehow contradicts the other…

This world is full of ironies and contradictions. Even in the smallest things, you could simply notice that one idea, event, belief or the likes contradicts the other. Well, take these quotations, which I have collected, as examples.

Practice makes perfect but nobody’s perfect.

Take your time but remember time is gold.

Follow your heart, just be considerate with others.

Though opposite attracts, birds with the same feathers flock together.

Honesty is the best policy but the truth really hurts.

Love is setting free while others say that you must not let your special someone go for you will never find someone like him again nor never feel the same emotions.

You should neither wait nor look for love for it will come to your door, knocking unexpectedly, but remember love comes to those who are waiting, hoping and believing.

Aren’t these things so mind-boggling? Well, just a piece of advice. Do what you think and feel is right. After all, life is what you make it. Don’t live by these rules alone. Simply, pray and trust God.

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