Saturday, January 3, 2009

I am a Professional Teacher…

In my five years of teaching in the academe, I believe I have made myself into someone who works with much professionalism, commitment and contentment.

In here, I have included my personal beliefs on how I have consistently become on top and most of all, have been loved by my students. These are the words to which I live by…

Personally, I …

Pray and discern before making decisions – no matter how little or big it is.
Regard and value humility, sincerity and faith.
Appreciate beauty and excellence.
Enjoy serendipity and take chances.
Express sincere gratitude and warm appreciation.
Encourage oneself and learn to motivate others as well.
Share good and inspiring stories.
Give smiles and share laughter.
Inspire and be inspired.
Touch a life.

Professionally, I …

Cherish the nobility of this profession.
Develop a personal trademark.
Strive to make a difference.
Leave an impact to somebody’s life.
Stay positive, humble and smart.
Stand firm for what you believe is religiously right.
Remain fair, credible, reliable and considerate.
Always have a room for improvement.
Establish camaraderie.
Understand and communicate accordingly.
Aspire for continuous professional growth.
Teach by heart.

I may not be a teacher by degree but I am certainly a teacher by heart. Thus, no one can ever change that fact.

They may say that teaching is a very tiring and stressful job because of its demands and paper works.

I say… Yes, it is. But at the end of the day, I know I am blessed because it has been a very rewarding experience. I know I have somehow touched a life and have made a difference in my own little ways. With these, I humbly remain so inspired and fulfilled.

I am a teacher and I do thank God for it each day.

I am also those whose names may not be known or have been forgotten but whose lessons and character will always be remembered in the accomplishments of my students.



jeLai said...

I'd love to be a teacher but I guess fate won't permit me. Or should I say my attitude. I'm so impatient.


i like nice teacher.

MysLykeMeeh said...

that was a good sentiments and applications...for oneself ..keep up!

Wenny said...

To me, being a teacher requires a lot of qualities from within. I really salute anyone who enjoys teaching and chooses it as a lifelong career. Teachers are a special breed that's important to the human race because they help to mold our offsprings to develop the future.

diamondmum said...

What a noble job! keep it up..I salute all the teachers including you!

thanks for this post and sharing ot to the world.

LAILA said...

Teaching is a noble profession and we do appreciate you for being a teacher!Thanks for sharing this with us..:)

Marcuss said...

Teaching is a noble profession. Ki$$ed your blog.

This Makes My Day said...

Teachers by heart like you are the best teachers. Being one by degree is good but missing the power of the heart and soul doesn't make one a good teacher. Fortunately you are a teacher by heart and you are doing a great and noble job!

Cascia said...

That was very beautiful. But I don't understand why you think you are a teacher when you don't have that degree nor a job in that profession. Is it because you are a parent? All parents are indeed teachers. We are our childrens' first teachers. If that is what you were trying to say then I understand.

A. Goldberg said...

Thank you for your kind words after viewing my blog, as I appreciate your feedback.

Your blog is insightful, heartwarming, and relevant to today's world - although it could truly be from any time and place.

Thanks for sharing.

Happy Heart Princess said...

There is no more satisfying thought than the knowledge that you have touched a little life. I think teaching has so little to do with degrees but so much more to do with how we live our life and how we touch the lives of others. I never dreamed that I would write a book but when I sat down to write "On Being a Real Princess, Secrets of the Happy Heart Princess, a book on values and self esteem for young girls, the words just came. It feels like one of the more important things I have done in my life and if I can feel as though I touch one little life with my book, that is my reward. God bless you

lunaticg said...

Can you teach me instead? I am a professional student, I wish.
See you around again my friend.

Rendell said...

just dropping by..
truly, teaching profession is great.

Anonymous said...

I am also a teacher, your blog is nice.

Angela Marie said...

Great blog...very interesting. Can't wait to read more!

Gilberto_myhaus said...

It is indeed a great job. I love to teach, I don't do it professionally but I work at a biomedical research lab and love to teach new things to new students. It is a great pleasure to read a blog written by an English Teacher, maybe we bloggers could learn some things about writing correctly. I have three blogs, two I write in Spanish, but one I write in English
and sometimes I spend hours trying to doing it right.

Great inspirational blog, I'll be telling my friends about it.

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

Why hello there, Myrain...

First of all, thank your for visiting my blog, thank you for the kind words, and thank you for sharing me with your friends. :) If you want to, you can copy the code on my purple unicorn, Matilda, and stick it onto your sidebar so you can keep me with you. :)))

Thank you for sharing with everybody, your principles and the ideals that you live and work by. That was an interesting read.

Visit again soon.


david biodun-kasumu said...

I am a teacher.Am proud to be one.Hav been teaching for the past 15 years.Teaching is noble proffession.There is hardly nobody that does not pass through a teacher.I will forever remember my teachers,they contributed to what i am today as i am doing to some pupils now.Teachers are life givers,parents,counsellors,doctors,leaders ,and mention it....It is lovely to be a teacher!

VirusHead said...

These are good guidelines for teaching - and parenting - and life. Nicely done!

Olga Helisoa said...

Thanks for these sweet words to another teacher and mom !
Now, education is so difficult !
Pray, pray and pray... before everything is so important.
Thank you !