Friday, April 15, 2016

Opening Prayer in a Wedding Reception - Sample and Guide

Wedding  Reception Prayer - Sample

Almighty Father,

We are gathered here today to celebrate the blessings of marriage for Ren and Mai and to lift their hearts' desires as they finally become one in the sacrament of matrimony.

No one here knows what the future holds for them but we acknowledge that it is You who hold their future. And we ask that you bless and protect them as You fill their lives with Your grace and wisdom.

We ask that this would be a marriage made in heaven, praying that our bride and groom would continually desire to be a heavenly mate.

Lord, draw their hearts together in love and unity. Teach them how to enjoy working together, playing together, dreaming together and living the wonderful life you bestowed them.

May they be determined to make You the center of their home. But most of all, dear God, help them to keep the torch of love blossom in love and light that by their loving example they may pass the same love and goodness to their children and to their children's children forever.

These we ask through Your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord… Amen.

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