Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Netizens' Tweets on the Artworks of Julia Buencamino

The young and bubbly Julia Buencamino, 15, committed suicide, July 7, 2015. 

What I Saw on Twitter and Instagram Made Me Cry and Pray More for Her and the Family

How we all see it? She loves arts to express herself and her thoughts.

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Something cute for her lovely 'Moirail'  (moirail ... reasonable human translation would be the concept of a soul mate, but in a more platonic sense, and with a more specific social purpose... #mspaintadventures)

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Netizens share their thoughts about Julia and her artworks.

Kim Chiu

Janella Salvador (Bestie Sophie)

Random Tweets from the Netizens

Bestie Aimee, Julia deserves respect and compassion ... and so as her artworks
So, please don't judge.  RIP, Julia.

More news about Julia and her 'artworks' are found HERE. 

Bubbly Julia Buencamino showed ‘no sign she was depressed’ 

Janella Salvador, 'Oh My G!' cast mourn death of Julia Buencamino

Again, our sincerest condolences to the family. May this young soul rest in peace.

With sympathy and prayers,

Mommy Mai

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