Thursday, July 2, 2015

Protect your Child against Bullying

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Parents would never wish to see their child being oppressed or intimidated by other children, particularly in school. Bullying, therefore should be hindered, by all means, in all educational institutions as well as in all other places where the young are supposed to co-exist without fear of being harassed or misjudged.

"For my entire childhood I pretty much felt continually like most of the outside world wanted me dead, or at least, found me a curious novelty for their own amusement." - Oliver Emberton

Bullying, at some point, bring much negative effect on our kids. There are some instances wherein bullied individuals fail to perform well in school or even to mingle with other students. They opt to become isolated from the rest as they become anxious in approaching possible friends. Sometimes, victims turn to be ill-tempered and hard-headed; trusting no one, not even their parents in extreme cases.

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It is indeed difficult to deal with bullying but preventive measures should be done before it happens to your sons and daughters. Primarily, parents should be aware of the school’s anti-bullying procedures and discuss with the school authorities about it. It is also very important to have an excellent line of communication with your kids and let them feel that they are always being loved and trusted.

"The real world isn’t fair either, but it’s a much fairer game to play than the playground." - Oliver Emberton

Read this inspiring story of a person who experienced bullying during his childhood. Learn how he managed to cope up with this situation and become a successful individual.

As for me and my husband, we regularly check our son's experiences in school. We carefully discuss with him what bullying means using simple words that he can understand. We let him understand that bullying is bad and it is improper to treat other people unkindly.

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