Wednesday, June 3, 2015

John Kerry breaks his right femur in a bike crash

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry suffered from a leg injury where he fractured his right femur in a bicycle accident in Scionzier, France, on Sunday morning.

State Department spokesman John Kirby explained that after suffering from a broken femur, Kerry was expected to make a full recovery. He also said that the State Secretary was already listed to be in a stable condition.

Kirby was thankful for the assistance of French and Swiss physicians and other health practitioners as well as the paramedics and a doctor who were in Kerry’s motorcade when the mishap happened. The 71-year old diplomat received immediate medical care at the site of the bicycle crash.

State secretary Kerry was supposed to be back to the U.S. by Sunday, but as advised by his doctors, he needed to stay overnight at the hospital. Though he did not lose his consciousness, this recommendation was acted upon as a precautionary measure. 

Since the leg injury is near the area of the previous surgery on his hip in 2009, he planned to return to home on Monday and go to Boston for further check-up and necessary treatments with his doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Because of the said bike accident, Kerry still needed to cut his diplomatic trip, which was supposed to include Madrid and Paris for international and ministerial meetings. He initially held a round of discussions with the leaders and negotiators of Iran in Geneva on Saturday.

Kerry expects to partake in these endeavors remotely via videoconference as his participation in the said Paris counter-ISIL coalition and related events is always believed to be essential.

Spokesman Kirby said that Kerry is now active and in good spirits. He is expected to fully recover soon.

One of the secretary’s favorite leisure activities is bicycling. He is fond of engaging himself to this recreational sport even on his trips overseas. 

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