Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hello Kindness: Share Love and Let it Go Viral

Be one of us as we celebrate Social Media Day 2015 today.  Let's make kindness contagious on social media. Share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences as you spread kindness, happiness, and love.

What's It Like to Help a Stranger? Watch this video!

Here are some simple yet great things to do so!

Photo Credit: Ms. Celine Paola Abacan - Thanks, dear!
Make someone smile, feel loved, blessed, and special

Learn to always say 'Thank You' and compliment other people. You'll be surprised how you can move and touch lives.

Be a volunteer. Lending a helping hand can build better homes, communities, and eventually the best world ever!

Be blessed and be a blessing. I always say that sharing what you have is always good, and saying 'Thank you' is better, but passing the good deeds on is always the best... as the video says Kindness Boomerang!

Now, will you share kindness? Yes, it'll surely be a pleasure.

Kudos to the Life Vest Inside Team! They really did a great job on this endeavor for this most touching video has definitely moved so many lives - a good start to change the world, making it a better place to live in.


Mommy Mai

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