Monday, March 2, 2009

How important my child’s early years are…

My bundle of joy is exactly six months, two weeks and two days today. Most of the people around us have told my hubby and me that his early years include his first six years. With this, we have decided that I should stop working, stay at home and enjoy the moments with our little prince, baby Eieo.

Since I started to have him in my womb, my hubby and I have become more books’ enthusiasts. We used to be book lovers of our own literary genre. But now, we both enjoy collecting books on good parenting, raising a child and how-to be good parents and the likes. Well, learning from them has always been a fun-filled experience.

From these materials and advices of experts, we believe that we need to watch over our little Eieo because in these very early years, he begins to acquire moral and spiritual values. Here, he also starts to give meaning and concept to life.

Psychologists say that a child gains fifty percent of his knowledge by the age of three and seventy-five percent by age seven. The young child learns attitudes, responses and character traits – beginning to develop a positive or a negative image.

More so, we read from a book that we, parents are our baby’s first image or picture of God. Therefore, it is both a commitment and a responsibility to experience such wonderful blessings from Him.

Certainly, being a parent can be a tough yet a very rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Happy parenting, moms and dads!


Margo said...

what a beautiful child! It sounds like you are going to be fabulous parents!

Tonya Nash said...

What was the name of the book you referred to in this post?

Anonymous said...

Saw your blog in a forum.

It is so heart warming to hear about people who truly cherish their children. You have a beautiful child.

God Bless

Revenanti said...

Man, i would like to know how a parent feels.. The negative and positive ones.. I want to be married already but my gf is still young and have lots of things to accomplish..

Nona Nita said...

Many years ago I decided to leave my job and be a stay at home mom and I have never regretted it. Although it was challenging financially, I look back at it as one of the most important decidions I made. Now I look forward to spending quality time with my grandchild. Build up a good support system of other moms and you'll be fine.