Sunday, June 20, 2010

You are My Dream Come True

I Want to Spend My Life Time Loving You, Rainier
We may never have a perfect relationship. We may argue, fight, misunderstand, confuse and hurt each other but there is nothing, nothing in this world that can separate us. And even in my second life, I would still have you as my husband, my lifetime partner, the father of our sons and daughters.

It's never hard to look forward to tomorrow and make plans for the future because we have each other’s hands and we faithfully trust God.

Our love has been tested by fate, time, ups and downs… and I must say that these were still blessings – incidents that made us stronger and a better couple.

Making Love to You was Never Second Best… the sweetest moment was the time you held my hand after each traumatic incident and a tight hug from you – assuring me that everything would turn out fine – according to His will and in His time.

I just thought I haven’t thanked you for this… I am so thankful and blessed to have you… then, today and forever.

Yes, it has perfectly been a blissful decade with you. And with my fingers crossed, we will forever try our best to live up to that “vow” … a promise of a lifetime.

I love you, dad! And everyday, we will celebrate waking up together...

♥♥♥ Mommy Myraine ♥♥♥