Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fireproof Your Marriage Forever

Fireproof Your Marriage, Watch Fireproof The MOVIE.

Hubby and I have a good marriage. I know that with GOD at the center of our relationship, I firmly believe that we can fireproof our marriage.

Yes, we love, trust and respect each other much but sometimes, those have not been enough and so we needed some time to patch things up and get back to our senses --- that we have our unico hijo, our bundle of joy, our lifetime commitment, our life together, and this 'great' marriage.

We enjoyed the movie very much. In my Facebook wall, I proudly posted this out:
I had a great late-at-night movie marathon with Hubby Rainier Policarpio - FireProof: Thumbs up! A must-see movie for couples. Very Inspiring, touching and so so True. :)
Spread the word. Encourage other couples to watch this heart-warming, touching and life-changing film. A must-see movie for couples, a perfect bonding time with your lifetime partner.

Fireproof Review ... Read what other couples have to say about this great film. See what they have in mind. Please Click HERE.

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WiredMaster said...

I have a copy of this movie... watched it several times.. this is a good movie to watch especially to married people who are always arguing and fighting each other...

Having problems with your husband?
Having problem with your wife?

Let him/her watch this.... you too...