Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Tribute to Philippine National Police

Hi there! This post is something very unusual, very odd. I am not used to giving high praises and compliments to PNP. There is somehow a guilt in me that yes, true enough that I haven't thanked or appreciated these policemen regarding the goodness, sacrifices, patriotism, nationalism and service they have rendered the country and their fellowmen.

Oh well, I just want to share this video to my dear readers as I believe this could be a great way to help them spread the good news and boost the image of the police authority.

Yes, they deserve respect, consideration, trust and all. We need to give to them whatever is due to them. After all, we should always believe that there is always goodness in everyone.

I hope that in one way or another, you're able to be touched by this video and be willing to do your share. Thanks and hope you'll enjoy reading the texts in this video.

Sino Ako? Sino Ako PNP.

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