Friday, July 27, 2012

New Addiction of a Happily Married Wife: Two Wives

TWO WIVES - my new addiction
Daddy Ren, Mommy Mai and Lil Eieo
After my months of being hooked to watching Temptation of Wife several months ago, here I come again, getting so addicted to Koreanovela, Korean Dramas. I am beginning to love Two Wives. Oopps, no. I uber love it na.

Two Wives Korean drama is awesome.
Being happily married for 6 years and committed to loving my better half for a decade, I haven’t experienced anything of this sort and I really hope and pray, with my fingers crossed, that this wouldn’t happen to me. 

It pains me to see married couples parting ways and living away from each other, having their offspring/s suffer the consequences.

Our years together, with ups and downs, tears and laughters, petty quarrels, misunderstandings, and the like, have made us stronger, closer and more committed to our vows. 

Eieo, our unico hijo, is the genuine tie that binds us together. Our hopes, dreams and aspirations would surely come true with the grace and blessings of our Almighty Father.

Our vows towards our lifetime commitment shall never cease nor fade; instead, this would grow, nourish and blossom day by day, celebrating love, life and God’s blessings. We would see to it that each would certainly be a gift, a treasure that each would handle with care and affection.

Thanks be to God. I wouldn’t be this fulfilled and overwhelmed with our marriage if not for Him and him.

My two dashing debonairs are TWO of my most wonderful gifts.

Be blessed and be a blessing to others. Kudos to my three F’s: Faith, Family and Friends.

Two Wives Korean drama is an eye-opener.
I have this addiction simply because I would want to see, feel and appreciate the beauty of getting married to my dear hubby. Seeing and feeling the emotions in the K-drama, I couldn’t just imagine myself when I would be in her, Yvonne’s shoe. And each scene makes me thank Father God for giving me Rainier Policarpio to be my man, my partner, my love, my heart, and my everything. (Eieo is my only life.)

Two wives K-drama helps me realize how blessed our marriage and love are, makes me just look into the goodness of our relationship, our lifetime commitment, and most of all, gives me the inspiration to be more contented and grateful to everything I have and own today. Each scene makes me believe that whatever trials and difficulties that may come our way, we would overcome and succeed upon.

Two Wives Korean drama is a must-see TV program for wives and hubbies out there.
Though I am the only one watching this (my hubby doesn’t want drama or any sort of this fad), this allows the couple to see how the other half is feeling, hurting or tormenting when placed in the situation. A sort of bonding experience, they could indulge the scenes while eating chips or crackers over a glass of wine or cup of coffee (while the wife’s head is on the lap of the hubby as he strokes her hair gently – so romantic).

So, my dear fellow wives out there, go and get yourself into a new addiction. Watch Two Wives daily and be thankful forever. Enjoy! 

Mommy Mai

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