Friday, December 13, 2013

My 30th Birthday at Its Best - A Loving Message from my Husband

My hubby and my kiddo made my big day - the happiest.  :)
What else can I ask for? All I can say now is - Thanks be to GOD.

December 13 - I've just turned 30. December 14 - Hubby and I will celebrate our 11 years of being together; 11 years ago when I said YES to our self-proclaimed 'May-December' love affair and began our happy journey to life.  December 16 - We will celebrate our seven (7) of being a husband and a wife - the day that started our journey to life as ONE, blessed by GOD and loved by His people. 

Our life together has always been the happiest, the most blessed one. Oh well, not because it really is it but simply because that is how we see it and we want it to be. Our marriage is 'extraordinarily unique' for not all husbands and wives would do the things we do, talk about the things we discuss during our pillow talks and meals together, hang out to places that we usually go to, and many others. Ours is simply the best and  yes, the happiest (at least for us and our families/friends). 

Yes, modesty aside, we are grateful to GOD and it feels really overwhelming to hear people appreciating our marriage and our 'relationship' ... 

Oh wait, we are not perfect and so as other marriages out there but we know it is in God's eyes, in the eyes of the people closest to our hearts, and most  of all, our own eyes as well as in the eyes of our unico hijo, Eieo

We would forever be thankful and grateful to God for blessing us with a happy marriage, loving families, good friends, and a wonderful life. Waking up each morning in between my two boys, my dashing 'debonairs' makes me appreciate and live life to the fullest. 

Here's my loving hubby's message to me on my 30th birthday (as posted on his FB account) : 

It's her day today... The woman who makes me realize my importance; my number one fan and my strength. She who never gives up on me and accepts me despite my weaknesses. The girl who always inspires me to do my best and asks me to pause for a while and to relax at times when I'm discouraged and depressed. Nevertheless, my lifetime partner and my wife who has been the very reason why I'm very much thankful to God.

This was the sweetest and most touching birthday message/greeting I've ever received this day. And a post that has gotten hundreds of 'likes' and 'comments'. Many shared their thoughts as to how sweet it is, how lucky I am and how blessed we are as a couple.

My replySuch a lucky girl. I am so blessed. This is so sweet, Dad. Wasn't really expecting to read a very sweet message from you, was so surprised and deeply touched (in tears and kinikilig). Very overwhelming, Dad! Love you ALL more and always. Thanks be to GOD. Living and spending a lifetime with you, Eieo, Eiea (in HIS time) and all - PRICELESS. 

I also intended to thank all the people who, in one way or another, have touched and moved our lives...

To our big sons and daughters who are now yuppies : Thanks for the kind words, the love and all. Our family is yours too so always remember that our home is also yours. Worth it lahat ng love and TLC na naiparamdam namin sa inyo. 

As I always say, saying thank you is good, expressing your gratitude is better but passing the good deeds on is simply the best. We are so blessed to be an inspiration and a blessing to many lives. We miss you all so much! GOD speed. To GOD be the Glory!  :)

To all : Thank you very much and may the Good LORD bless us more and always.


Thanks be to GOD! Happy Holidays!


Mommy Mai

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