Saturday, July 5, 2014

DJ Mo Twister and the Estrada's on Twitter War

I am not for Mo. And I haven't been a fan of his works, thoughts and even words. BUT not this time, I certainly go for you, DJ Mo Twister! Though he still uses harsh words and practices his 'big mouth' (as what netizens term/tag him), he probably uses it 'right' this time.

He is not perfect. He is very controversial. But his being so outspoken this time is applauded by many netizens. Perhaps, many of us have found DJ Mo our 'instant ally' in this 'nakakaumay-nakakasawa-paulit-ulit-paikot-ikot-at-tama-na' issue.

Let me know your insights!

Crime does not pay. Justice must be served. 

Filipino's hard-earned money must be wisely spent. 

Politics is DIRTY!   'Oh, tuwid na daan, nasaan ka ba?'

Long Live, Anti-Corruption Advocates!

Who won the Mo Twister vs Estradas Twitter debate? Read more details ...  HERE.

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The Back Story --- Rappler.Com

MANILA, Philippines - It's been a week since alleged Instagram posts of Senator Jinggoy Estrada's son Joseph Luis Manuel "Jolo" showing his luxurious lifestyle caught the attention of netizens.

The senator is involved in the biggest corruption scandal that ever hit the Philippine Senate: the Pork Barrel Scam.

On Thursday, July 3, disc jockey Mo Twister asked his Twitter followers if the 21-year-old was on the microblogging site because he "was hoping to cyberbully him."

His tweet elicited replies not from Jolo, but from his siblings.

Julian Estrada, Jolo's younger brother, replied to the call-out asking the outspoken DJ to "be professional."

DJ Mo Twister, full name Mohan Gumatay, hit back at the young Star Magic actor triggering an explicit Twitter exchange.

More Back Stories HERE and HERE.


Praying for the truth, hoping for the best!

We want 'genuine' JUSTICE!

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