Friday, January 16, 2015

Papal Visit 2015: Pope Francis Mania in Manila

(9 a.m.) Hubby and I decided to see and feel the People's Pope on January 16, 2015. Early today, we went to Manila Cathedral. 

(mid-day) Lots of people were there waiting for the Pope. Everybody seemed to be so nice, calm and blessed. It's indeed a very nice feeling to mingle with people who have the same desire and goal as ours - see His Holiness.

(1 p.m. onwards) Since it rained a bit hard, Pope was then riding on his black, elegant limousine. We again decided to walk ahead, survived barriers, kilometers and hours of walk, tons of sweats. We ate, held hands, had fun, rode a pedicab, and walked again to go straight to Roxas Blvd. 

(3p.m.) We stood and had some happy moments with our fellow pilgrims, and of course, with the 'unsung' heroes, the police officers. They were all nice, accommodating and fun to be with. They never complained even if they were standing for more than eight hours everyday; instead, they would answer our queries with smiles, crack some jokes, and have some interesting chats with all of us. We also admire volunteers from different local government units, parishes and other organizations. Everything went well - organized, disciplined, and overwhelming - napaka-good vibes! 

(at exactly 5:05 p.m.) We finally felt goosebumps as His Holiness, Pope Francis was coming - on his way to SM MoA Arena. A simple wave and smile from the Pope, blessed by the Father and through the intercession of the Holy Spirit, poured our hearts out. It was really a very fulfilling and unforgettable experience. We didn't stop there. We decided to stay a bit longer and wait again for him for the third time. 

Hubby and I were shaking and in tears while continuing our walk to look for a better place as we were advised that he would be back around 7 to 8 in the evening. We then looked for a place to freshen up, pee, have some stretching, and dine in comfortably. After a long walk, there was nothing to be found except convenience stores and 'carinderias'. And so we decided to sit down and have dinner with the police officers. They were again very nice and we had a great time eating with them. We also went to a convenience store to buy water and chips to enjoy and share. 

In these times, you would get to experience lots of things and appreciate God's love in many ways, even from little things that we tend to take for granted most of the times. 

(at exactly 7:25 p.m.) The Pope again was coming and everybody shouted and yelled, pouring their hearts out just like us. We felt more intense as this time, the Pope was just a meter away from us, halos abot-kamay lang siya. It's really a very powerful experience, memorable indeed. Our eye-to-eye contact, that angelic face and sweet smile from Lolo Kiko made me cry and shout for joy, one of the happiest times ever!

Tama nga, yung halos isa hanggang tatlong segundo na pagdaan nya at pagtingin sa amin ay sadyang nakakapagpaligaya ng puso, nakakapangilabot, nakakaiyak!

Everyone is so blessed and has become a blessing to others. We paused for a while, praised and thanked God for this wonderful gift and blessing, and most of all, said our prayers. We also whispered prayers from our loved ones, families, relatives, and friends. 

To GOD be the Glory. God is good!

Pope Francis is indeed the Pope of the Firsts, the People's Pope, and our very own Lolo Kiko.


Love lots,

Mommy Mai and Daddy Ren

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