Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What the 'Dumagats' Have Taught Me - I Learned Something from Them I'd Never Forget

When I joined the clergy, army, medical workers, and other volunteers in a mission to help and serve the indigenous people on Monday, December 14, I realized a lot of things about life and am sharing most of them with you...
The Dumagats make a cheerful ‘toast’ as they enjoy their glasses of milk.

1. Appreciate life. Life is always at its best - no matter how tough it may be.

2. Always be grateful. Saying thank you is NEVER hard and a challenge to them.

3. Be contented and happy with what you have. Contentment is such a big word. 

4. Recognize and respect leadership. Their leader matters and so as his words and decisions.

5. Be self-less. Think of your fellows. Period.

Fr. Nap Baltazar hands over some school bags and clothes to the Dumagat children.
I also featured this experience at CBCP NewsSharing Kindness to the ‘Dumagats’ of Bulacan.


Mommy Mai

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