Monday, June 22, 2009

So Many Things That We Have to be Thankful for

We have survived a test of faith (the fire incident); we are able to move on and continue to live life positively and to the fullest. This happens ALL because of HIM and HIS people.

Despite of what had happened, we are able to appreciate life, the people around us and all the blessings we have more than we used to. Despite that traumatic incident, we are able to overcome life’s struggles and challenges because of the love, inspiration, hope and strength we have inside.

These are the people and a lot of things that we are thankful for:

Our Heavenly Father, Almighty God.
Our Little Prince, Baby Eieo – Leo Antonio.
Our families and relatives – OUR loved ones.
Our closest, same circles of friends.
Our individual friends, colleagues, neighbors, and acquaintances.
Our brothers and sisters in Faith.
Our spiritual advisers and counselors.
Rev. Msgr. Eppie Castro (St. Francis of Assisi Parish).
Knights of Columbus Council 3941
Various concerned individuals and organizations in our Parish and community.
The firemen, volunteers and some politicians.
My dear Students in the University.
Our concerned clients and virtual friends.

The Bible and the Rosary.
Our Little Prayers.
Inspiring and Motivating Music.
Games and Sports.
Cellular phones.
Computer Unit and Laptop.
Internet Connection.

Foods and drinks, clothes and shelter.
Beautiful churches and recreational places.
Wonderful Planet Earth – the nature and the environment.

Love, Respect, Trust, Unity, and Knowledge.
Hope, Wisdom, Trust, Integrity, and Discernment.
A Challenging yet Fulfilling and Rewarding LIFE to enjoy.

Indeed, we sincerely and humbly thank each and every blessing we have. Thank You!



Kenia Cris said...

Exercise and express gratitude is something most of us should do more often. Beautiful post.

alom_doank said...

wah gadget yang di impikan tuh.....makasih infonya......!!