Friday, July 3, 2009

Things that We Do and Will Do

Things we haven’t done together

At home…
A duet and a sweet dance.
Midnight conversation over a cup of coffee.
Baking cakes, cookies or pastries.
Beer drinking and BBQ eating.
And a lot more…

Star gazing.
Playing a sport.
Arcade visit.
An adventurous, jam-packed and challenging recreational activity.
Bar hopping and hanging-out (just the two of us).
Scuba diving.
Biking at the park.
Luxury Cruise.
Road trips.
So many things that we still have to do.

Things I enjoy doing whenever we’re together

Hearing the Holy Mass.
Serving youths and people.
Online Chatting.
Dining at home with our loved ones, relatives and friends.

Walking hand-in-hand.
Hanging-out with common friends.
Strolling and Shopping.
Playing with Eieo.
Laughing with our Lil Prince.
Taking a Bath.
Eating a yummy and palatable meal.


Pillow talks.
Getting intimate.
Flirting. Hahaha...
Hugging so tight.
Relaxing massage.
Sleeping and Dreaming.

Mommy Myraine

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captron52 said...

Bless your heart my friend!