Thursday, July 16, 2009

What My Dear Students Have in Mind

To my dear fellow bloggers, avid readers, virtual friends, and co-web enthusiasts, kindly take a peek on the wildest, fanciest and craziest dreams. Join us as we take dreams and imagination to the next level. Happy reading!

If I were a butterfly, I wouldn’t sip the nectar of the flowers; instead, I’d watch them bloom in the sun. - Agnes

If I were a witch, I'd be Hermione Granger and be the brightest witch of my age and rid the world with all the evil witches and wizards.Aprille

If I were a god, I'd turn burdens into blessings, hatred into love, and envy to adoration. Mia

If I were Ferdinand Marcos, I'd never declare Martial Law. Mer-va

If I were a professor, I'd be Ms. Mai Carluen-Policarpio.Jodette (Thanks, Jhodie. I'm suddenly touched. giggles...)

If I were a Superhero, it would be Superman.Ryan

If I were Superman, I'd also love to be Spiderman, Batman and most of all, a gentleman. Nico

If I were a sun, I'd shine into your life. Kevin

If I were a sun, I'd light up your world. Marion

If I were a moon, I'd lighten up your darkest night. Irrel

If I were a star, I'd talk to the moon. Christine

If I were a star, I'd shine on you at night. Yama

If I were a candle, I'd enlighten your life.Maxine

If I were a piano, I'd play the sweetest melody. Ivy

If I were a violin, I'd make you feel the music to stay relaxed and comfortable. Bryan

If I were a pillow, I'd choose to be wet by your tears than to see you crying alone.Chrissan

If I were a book, I'd share the best contents and stories to my readers. Abegail

If I were a clock, I'd stop the time just to be with you forever.Veronica

If I were a time machine, I'd change my wrong decisions in the past. May

If I were a boy, I'd be the perfect man for her.Alegria

If I were a boy, I'd appreciate her more.Bernadette

If I were a father, I'd be the best dad alive.Mailyn

If I were an angel, I'd guide you forever. Rinalyn

If I were an astronaut, I'd explore the universe and see if it’s endless.Ely

If I were a chef, I'd cook the best food ever.Kariza

If I were a Pharmacist, I'd make drugs that can surely get the disease away in just one take.MJ

If I were a scientist, I'd create inventions that make transportation a lot easier. Clyde

If I were a teacher, I'd be a unique teacher.Daniel

If I were the president, I'd help my poor countrymen survive each day. - Joecel

If I were a millionaire, I'd give everything to my family.Karen

If I were as beautiful as Ashley Tisdale, I'd get even and make boys cry.Ana

If I were one of the most influential people in the world, I’d start the burden for the young people to get closer with GOD and see them change so the world will become a better place.Isabel

Thank you, my dear students. You simply inspire me in many little ways that you alone can do, give and share. GOD Bless us all. Take care.

With all acknowledgment to this class...
BS Pharmacy 1y1-3!

Keep up the good work!

Ms. Mai


captron52 said...

Very nice post!

bRyAn said...
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bRyAn said...

hi mAm..
kkGcng ku lng...
AnSayA bShin Ng mGA "iF i Were"

I hopE Dat mAny viewErs of Ur blog EnjoY reading DiZ...


risingthinker said...

your student is creative..

T'"E"L"A"N said...

if i complete my studies i will remember all the words of inspiration na sinabi nyo sa amen kz becouse of that i learn different things na k8 my similarity ung mga problems and challenges na na ngyayare sa aken at sa wife ko na ka pulot po ako sa inyo ng mas malalim na dahilan kung bakit mas pag butihin ko pa ung pag aaral ko thnk you po and god blees us