Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Happiest Christmas to Celebrate

There are still great reasons to celebrate Christmas this year...

The blaze that struck our humble homes...

We experienced TWO traumatic incidents in a row - all in the same year - 2009.

First, the fire incident last May 7, 2009 - that took everything away from us, we had zero at hand. All that we have are each other's hands, our Faith in HIM and the LOVE to and for everyone. Everything that we have worked hard for, turned into ashes. Nothing left except the good memories we spent each day and the lessons we learned from those experiences and talks we once had. We are thankful, indeed, that we have friends and relatives who extended their help and made us feel so important, loved and blessed. This truly gave us strength and the determination to start and rise from these catastrophes and WE DID IT...

Next, the typhoon Ondoy last September 26, 2009 - that left a large portion of the country into a horrible disaster. For the second time, all our things were taken away from us, very few were left, some were wet, most were gone, damaged and destroyed... Thanks to Ketsana (Ondoy).

We were one of those families who were forced to evacuate due to the very sudden increase of flood water - the highest level so far (almost in our ceilings).

No one expected this to happen. Everyone got affected - many families lost their houses and belongings, and so we were. Many individuals died... My father was one of them. And the saddest part, I could not do anything to save him... But then again, I am consoled knowing that he is in Good Hands now... Free from any worries and heartaches. I DID IT...

Now, Christmas is fast-approaching. Is there any reason for us to celebrate and still be grateful?

Yes, there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate and be merry:

* We learned to appreciate each blessing we receive from God.
* We learned that we have friends and relatives who love us dearly.
* We learned the virtue of giving and extending a hand to those who are need.
* We learned to become more optimistic and always stay hopeful and fulfilled.
* We learned to become more faithful to a living God who is always true to His promises.
* I learned that waking up every morning, seeing my wife and son is just enough reason to be thankful and to celebrate the happiest Christmas.

These trials can never put us down... We are thankful for these experiences for they made us stronger. God giveth, God taketh... Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

May all those who read this post be inspired and feel that this Christmas is still worth celebrating. Let us all be thankful to HIM.

- Rainier

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