Friday, January 29, 2010

Questions in Mind before I Got Married

Is he my Mr. Right? Is he worth fighting for? Would he love me the way I want him to? Would we be together for a lifetime? Is he the one GOD wants me to spend the rest of my life with? So many questions, so many worries and fears, so many what ifs…

These are some of the many questions I had in mind before I got engaged with my hubby. I used to believe that in marriage, it isn’t enough that you just love each other; it’s best if there would also be trust, understanding, respect and communication – by all means and at all times.

Before we planned the wedding, I had to find the answers to my questions. It took me three years before saying “yes” to engagement, three long years to look for (may be) some assurance and try to find for some good answers.

Well, thanked God I did. May be I failed to answer all of them but I was so glad I had one clear and definite answer: I know that Rainier is God’s precious gift to me. And that I need to nurture, cherish and celebrate for a lifetime. I’m gonna grow old with him and raise a family of our own together.

Now that we both have our precious and sweet little bundle of joy, our unico hijo, Eieo, we never worry for tomorrow. We always have faith and trust in the Lord. We enjoy whatever we have right now – believing that whatever we do and we have are all His will. Yes, we are thankful that we are blessed; and most of all, we are overwhelmed that we are celebrating life’s beauty, wonders and blessings together.

(In the photo: The newly-wed couple with our spiritual “fathers and mentors” Msgr. Eppie Castro and Rev. Fr. Chiqui Placibe.)


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this is such a sweet post :)

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Hope you both have a great life together, and keep writing on your blog.

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