Thursday, August 12, 2010

I wish I were Ikariam...

The sound of the sea, a white sandy beach and sun! On a small island somewhere in the Mediterranean, an ancient civilization arises. Under your leadership an era of wealth and discovery begins. Welcome to Ikariam.

Ikariam is a browser based massively multiplayer online game of the strategy genre produced and maintained by Gameforge AG.

The game is set in the era of classical Greece in an archipelago, with players being made tyrant of a small town, which they must expand and lead. It has also received generally positive reviews.

Play now for free. =)

oh well...

I wish I were Ikariam, something that you always...

play around,
make some good clicks,
pay regular visits,
pay attention to,
spend hours of relieving your stresses,
enjoy doing so as it makes you smile and feel relaxed,
and most of all,
let you feel the excitement and the thrill ... yes, just by its presence and existence.

Truly, this is a mere fantasy that I wish I could do to satisfy you and make you happy.

I am quite running out of things to think and ponder on just to make you feel happy.

I am a bit confused on how I can make you love my existence and never feel stressed out and exhausted. :)

I am so sorry if I couldn't be that Someone you wish me to be. Yes, I am imperfect but I perfectly love you more than you can ever imagine.

It's never too late to make it up. After all, I have a lifetime to do so.

God bless you.

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