Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Thoughts from Father Hershey…

In his Faceboook wall, Rev. Fr. Ehersey Giovanni Sulit posted this: Believe that every storm will end. and after the storm, a new morning begins. Every loss is temporary. God is redirecting you to something better.

Mai: Yes, I perfectly and completely agree. I should know, we can 100% attest to that. we had tests of faith in 2009 - three traumatic incidents happened last year and these really took all material and worldly things away from us. (Please read the stories here. Kindly click this LINK.) But we just believe and hold on. We know GOD has better plans and so everything turns out to be in its best - thanks to all those who were, are and will always be with us - at all times. =)

You are all a blessing to Us - heaven sent. =) God bless everyone. Everybody is GOD’s own creation and has been around us to touch our hearts and change our lives – making us better Christians.

He also had another posts:

Act as if every event has a purpose, and your life will have purpose... Figure out why you needed an experience, conquer it, and you won't need it again... Ultimately, you can only depend on your inner guidance - in other words, follow your heart.

God is infinitely generous... he deals with us not according to what we truly deserve... but according to his gracious mercy.
The joy is in doing your thing - and stretching because you choose to, not because you have to...
Whatever you do for a living is a vehicle to connect with people.
The question is always: "What are you doing with what you have?" While the answer is "not much", nothing gets better... the universe rewards effort, not excuses.
Loving people means giving them the freedom to be who they choose to be and where they choose to be.
Love is allowing people to be in your life out of choice.
Doing what you love is not a recipe for an easier life... It is a recipe for an interesting life... :)
You give your best not because you need to impress people. You give your best because that's the only way to enjoy your work.
Your life will only work when you take full responsibility for your choices. your choice of vocation is at the top of the list... :)
Mary, lead me in the way of total trust in the Lord and allow him to teach me his way of sacrificial love... ;)
Mary, strengthen me when my faith is weak, that I may grow in your firm belief that "nothing is impossible for God"... :)
Salamat sa lahat ng pinadala ng Diyos upang gawing mapagpala ang araw na ito. Mary help me to accept the daily crosses in my life that I might bring life to others... :)
Relaxation is the godly counterpoint to diligent labor needed to balance a simple life.

See, Facebook has done many good things in our lives. Aside from these things I mentioned in my previous Blog Post (you may check it out), FB also allows us to touch a heart and enrich a life – the same way Fr. Hershey does to all of us, his dear friends.

We thank you Padre for your good thoughts that effortlessly inspire us. And with all these, we do “Thumbs Up!” God bless always po. =) We Heart You so much!

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